I want to go that way


Asking the coast drive north along Highway One

Prepare for no work

By end of this week I join the unemployed. Not sure how long because the whole job thing right now is simply fantastic. If you’re looking for work, its a great time. Here’s a few things to use that work for me.

Indeed . Think of this as a job news site with subscriptions, alerts, resume service. How much does it cost? Nothing! You don’t need to use the email alerts from dice or monster. This compiles searches and lets you receive email alerts at the frequency you want.

Dice . Perhaps the mother of all technology job sites. Set up a profile and activate it but you don’t need their email alerts. I start getting immediate responses because so many recruiters and HR use the site.

Monster . I activate this site but never get the volume of referrals.

Let’s not forget LinkedIn as a job resource. I think their free service is harder to use on purpose because they upsell the paid one. You don’t need paid to have a good job search!

Then there are recruiters. A curious breed of wanting immediate attention with low retention. I don’t understand them and have friends that do this. They seem to want immediate response until they get it. Then getting an answer is almost impossible. Why? I don’t know.

On I go

So on I go with looking again and saying goodbye to a great director and boss at TiVo. I really liked working for him and I hope the group gets their projects done. I would have liked to have been part of that.

TiVo has come and gone

The mighty experiment is over and so is my time at TiVo in about three weeks. They let me know my services are no longer required. I seriously doubt they ever were. I feel rather under utilized much like I have since day one there. In retrospect they never needed someone like me. They could have gotten by with some junior project manager.

So what’s next? I don’t know. I started looking three weeks ago.

The Apple experiment is over too. I fly my beloved Nexus 6 back and updated it. Sending the iPhone and iPad to my friend free tomorrow!

Know what? I’m glad to be gone from there. Maybe back to IBM. I do better there with the large data center projects and teams that need me.

When the Day is Done

The days seem to go by pretty quickly and my contract end date looms. They've made noises about extending me but you never know until the recruiter sings. It's dawned on me that I don't care if I stay or not. I think I can get something else pretty quickly. I walked this evening for almost 1.5 hours and thoughts wing their way through my head. If this, then that. But it's dawned on me too I cannot operate like my friend free. He wants everything decided down to the last degree. Life is all defined and there is no real mystery to it. I prefer to go day by day. Tomorrow will come for sure. And the next day. And the next. I cannot part the veil so I don't know what will happen. I will live day by day. Life is meant for enjoyment I think. He will not leave his new house except to drive to town. There is no wanderlust in his soul. No desire to stress himself in a new country.

So my day is done and the old movies play after pizza and salad that was yummy. My iDevices got upgraded tonight to 9.2.1. I'm spoiled with the iPhone and iPad. Upgrades just happen. I found an iOS app I like for walking. It writes my distance to my google calendar each day with a url I can click on to see things about the walk. It records the walk using gps on google maps. Today I did almost 1.5 hours and about 4.3 miles.

I found a thing I enjoy. I like to read on a kindle until I fall asleep at night. Then later on at 1am or whatever I wake up and turn off the light. Reading on a kindle paper white is better than on a tablet or phone. More relaxing. More engaging. Better quality time.

Well, tomorrow perhaps I find out if I stay st TiVo or not. Stay tuned for more adventures!

Pretty Portland and Sundays

From my 2015 trip. Walked through these gorgeous neighborhoods and then back down to the downtown along a crooked almost one way street that became a major thoroughfare. Ended at Deschutes Brewery for a well deserved beer and lunch.

Now it's 2016 and no real plans for a walking trip this year. I will probably go to Vancouver and Victoria British Columbia though after riding Amtrak to Seattle. Sounds like a weeklong trip to me. Now playing though. Sunday morning at McDonald's and their wifi and dreams. I only have two weeks left before my original contract ends at TiVo. Will they get the renewal done? Who knows. They tell me it's on the way. What I do know right now is that the Sunday coffee is good. Life is good. Whatever happens happens. I'll still walk by noon today and do the Sunday things. Like wonder what three days walking in Vancouver would be like. I was there long ago on a backpacking trip and took the ferry to Victoria. Must go back I think. I think both cities are walkers cities. We shall see.


Watching People that watch people watch the people that watchers watch

An interesting afternoon in Starbucks spent engaged surreptitiously watching the people that go to starbucks to watch people. Between the aversion to eye contact and those that stay way past their drink times, there is a set of people here that try to not look like people watchers. Tablets and laptops provide a facial break. Perhaps dark glasses hide the intent. Smartphones blaze in their hands. Wifi zooms. Time goes throttling by. Perhaps a prisoner of space.

Just out front the smokers smoke and the air reeks when the door opens of their vapes or real cigs. They all justify why they do either.

Now I'll return to the ideologies and thoughts that gather to send me to so many destinations. Perhaps I'm invisible here. A guy with a drink that silently watches those that watch the watchers.

It's life folks. Revel.

Lonely ocean

North along highway one. Not so many people drive along the PCH north to Mendocino.



Seattle was Deserted that Day


Seattle is a beautiful place to visit. I went in November 2014 for almost a week. The tourist season was over so I was able to wander around mostly alone. For some days I walked the city, drank the beer, ate food there. Really nice!

I’d like to plan a walking trip for this year but it may not be until late summer. I want to get to Vancouver BC. Also take the ferry to Victoria. I may ride Amtrak up to Seattle and then catch the ferry.

I took this picture on one of the day walks. I always thought it was peaceful and showed the beauty of Seattle. Doing walking trips lets you see so much more of the city you choose.


Paying it Forward

I was able to apply my massive technical intellect and update the php.ini file to allow larger file uploads. Then I found out that the wordpress importer basically creates duplicates of some posts to the point where I had double the number of posts. Rather than drop the database and start again, I found a plugin that deleted the duplicate posts. I don’t know why the core plugins are not updated when the wordpress package is but if you are gonna offer a plugin in to import stuff it should be checked out I think.

I’ve had a sufficient amount of time to consider my options for work. My friend Nancy offers the usual sage advice about things. I just have not found my stride at the current place. I’m used to this pace of things where we operate at breakneck speed and things require immediate attention or breakage or use issues arise. I had to deal with firewall issues, storage, OS issues and then combinations of those issues repeated for data centers in global and international locales. I guess it gets to be something I get used to.

I titled this post Paying it Forward because its dawned on me that this whole technology thing is not a durable and powerful thing. We are like little ships that cross a large sea, find a port of call. Stop for awhile. IT is a fawning, demanding, and sometimes ugly mistress. Doing IT Project Management as a consultant means you recognize that your time on a thing may be limited and its up to a person or persons you may never have met or worked with to make a decision on your staying or going. It creates that temporary feeling for consultants but also for full timers. There is no guarantee that you will last. You can make the plans, decide you will take on more than your share; but at some date out there or closer; its basically decided somehow that you will simply not stay. IT is also a fickle mistress in so many ways.

People have paid it forward both positively and negatively in my 20 some years of experience doing this. There are stories of people changing the root password on systems, erasing file shares, changing things for the worse because of their misguided beliefs in paying it forward. That unnamed person basically decided that you are simply not worth it any longer. In my current instance of work, deciding to extend me 3 months at a time does not create any sense of loyalty or desire to stay. It means in a month I will be looking again for work. Projects will suffer and team members will suffer. Its crazy to put people through that. I just cannot pay it forward when I only have 3 months or 6 paychecks to do it.

I also wrote on my about page that this is it. When this thing ends, I’ll do the ultimate pay it forward. I’ll be done with technology as a career, a job, an interlude. It will be time to pack up the remainder of my years into my RedOxx Air Boss and hit the road. I’m going to leave this blog up now without jerking it around so I can record my last year doing this work. Maybe through my endeavors and work, others will find a way to pay it forward themselves.


Welcome to the New but Old

Due to me mostly playing around, I’m relaunching the blog. I went over to Medium for awhile and while I like some of it; I prefer the ownership part of things, the themes, the plugins here. I’m going to take in my older blog posts and pick up on things again.

I cannot see this one going away since I’m done playing. I don’t know what will make it here that’s different than the last 10 years of blog posts I’ve done. I guess its always going to be a mix of my stuff, technology, social and life events. The blog does not have some illustrious title nor does it offer up exciting travel blogging for those in their round the world or leaving today ventures.

The domain has been around for quite awhile and its been under my desk, at a few different VPS providers. I’m at DigitalOcean now and it offers a great mix of cost and features. If you need a VPS solution, give them a try.