Sunday Night Means Football and Musings

The blog is a decidedly personal affair and has been for about 10 years now. I’ve marveled a few times how I managed to keep the vast majority of posts even though missing a month in 2009 when I lived in Chennai India. I lived there for almost 7 months then if you refer back to the chronology of this thing. They were good and particularly enlightening times for me that I would never replace with anything else. I managed a lot of travel then and went to Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and India. The blog kept my record of a lot of those travels. One can find my musings landing in Japan in 2010 and visiting Kyoto in 2011 after my friend Rajesh’s wedding in Chennai. I also spent about a week give or take in Singapore then. Its been 4 years since I have traveled like that and I miss it. I also went to Sydney in 2011 and I liked going there. The company association then was stupid and I regret showing up and accepting that work. In retrospect, I did what I had to do to get by and live in a house that was disintegrating.

Now I live in the house of Al and its better. I can blog as I wish. Spend money on vacations and only hear my ex-wife still bitch and complain about the 50% she got. Its amazing to me when I compare our 50%’s and look to see who got the most value. Its obvious to me that I did not but yet my 50% is better. I lost the house, got the older car, basically lost the kids except for a visit or two a week. Yet my musings tell me this is better.

Now its also football season and that means American football not other football or soccer or whatever. I don’t understand that other football and don’t watch it. I do watch all sorts of American football and enjoy the spectacle of the whole thing. I used to go to games and we did the tailgating thing, the beer thing, the winning and losing gracefully thing. Raiders fans have learned to lose gracefully I think but also winning is a prized ending. Winning is somewhat unusual so when it happens, the screams of “R A I D E R S” bounce through the BART station, the walkover, and perhaps even the cops refrain it when taking people off to jail that like to fight at the games.

So now the job has ended and I hunt around each day for things to do. Tomorrow I will do a pancake and sausage breakfast at McDonald’s for some reason. I’l read the news on my Nexus 6 phone and try to get punched up for job searching but the spirit is not there yet. I still hope that IBM takes me back. I miss it still incredibly.

The blog lives on and will go on to its 11th year. I’ll remember and perhaps write posts about the interactions of what I do and did. Archeology still vibrates in my soul and I armchair myself to reading new discoveries. Project management does not do that. Its too hard of a job. I worked with an architect and SME and admin and other team that I think appreciated what I brought to the job there at IBM. I enjoyed them immensely. Architects are the heavy lifters at IBM. They can do it all and I’ve worked with some that are truly inspiring.

Now on to the dinner for the night. Hot and Spicy noodles at home! Then perhaps a few beers and the old Lost in Space on Hulu. Its all good!

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Friday Pixel Pushing

Another week really without work. I had hoped somehow to get an IBM contract and get back to things I am comfortable doing with teams that perhaps still need me. I’m not really sure if they do any longer and I feel that the weekends don’t signify what they used to. Now they are just continuations of weekdays of pixel pushing and keyboard mangling. I write things in google docs that perhaps makes a difference; but who really knows how we differentiate ourselves from the herd of disruptive open source consultants out there.

I also think about things which perhaps I never had time to think of before. When I am busy doing project management and making things happen; I don’t have time for:

  1. wondering how to make things happen
  2. caring about what it feels like to not make things happen
  3. wanting a change to making things happen again

These three states bug me. If I just had one thing, I could deal with it but going through a month without work where once these three things never bothered me is tough. I guess I could go out again and start looking for work but truth be told I don’t want to today. Its Friday after all and today I got the Chromecast ethernet dongle thing which hopefully means I can geek out at faster speeds casting from things. If it arrives today, I will most likely netflix and hulu plus myself into a state of oblivion with episodes of anime this and documentary that and TV series the other.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that while I enjoy working with certain people and may enjoy somewhat living with them in the same house; I definitely would not want them sharing my room or having them sharing a house with me only. I don’t get why one of the people will never leave the house yet the person hates it. I don’t particularly hate it here. I could live here as long as I want to live here without some kind of disruption going. There are things which bug me here. Our landlord never seems to be able to carry through on things for the house but for his things, no real problem. The house is an odd assortment of things almost failing, less than clean conditions making daily life difficult, and an assortment of roommates here now and gone which baffles me. I know I am so much less than perfect especially trying to match up the three things above; but some of the people that have come and gone here… I mean seriously?

Now I’ll pixel push and more some more bytes around and find things to occupy me until something real comes along. It could be this. It could be that. IBM could call me and invite me back. Unfortunately, its about money now like it always is. I’m unwilling to let me personal savings dwindle because the 2016 plan hinges on a certain amount being saved. We’ll see what happens after the day of pushing and writing and pulling.

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Heading Home Tomorrow

Back to the bay area tomorrow via Amtrak bus and train service on the Capitol Corridor. I have a few lunch type things later in the week to do with old friends and perhaps some people networking on some potential short-term gigs. An old friend asked me to consider doing some work for him in SF at a friendly Class A data center. He needs about 30 systems installed and brought up. They’ll be database, application, backup email, and a redundant vpn connection. Its all Linux stuff so its all good :-).

I spent some time with my friend Ed here in Paradise and Chico and we drank our fair share of beer, talked a lot about stuff, and had some good meals. Stuff I always seem to do when seeing him on these visits. I probably won’t be back up here for some months. We also worked quite a bit on the new consulting stuff.

I’ve been thinking about redoing things yet again and getting my domain back over at Digital Ocean. I like their methods and most of all like their cost. The hosting thing here at is okay but I like the control using SSH and being able to manage the system directly. The cost difference is negligible.

Recruiters crack me up. I get a few calls with the same company I was with before with IBM. I think my skillset speaks for itself and it says Infrastructure Project Manager skilled in blah and blah. Yet I get so many calls from the company trying to talk me into a job as a Business Analyst or System Admin. I am not those things. I did system admin for a bit and I hated it. I do not like being called on a 24/7 rotation and told that the mail server is down and can I please drive into SF and check it out or be on call and find out that DNS is wonky. Worst of all we are under a DDOS attack or threat and we need to make changes to port 80 or 443 or whatever. I never did like that work and I just don’t feel like doing it now. So, if you are recruiter or talent specialist,



Newsy Things of Note

Now on to some newsy things of note which have occurred to me while on this mini vacation of sorts. I don’t want to read another article comparing the Nexus 6 to the iPhone or the blah phone. I don’t care any more. It don’t matter. The fact is I really like my Nexus 6 phone and what it does for me. The reality is I will not change it and I will then not also change my smart watch toy to an apple watch. That would highly disturb me and I would feel a friction in the force. Android wear does not do everything and neither does everything else. The media seems to pride themselves on pointing out the shortcomings of everything but Apple. News on TV! Are they paid shills for Apple or what? Never have I heard such biased reporting when they attempt to do their technology reporting. They seem to believe all the marketing hype and the other things which may be of value like Microsoft Surface Tablets or Android phones or even other things are given short shrift. In fact they are given no shrift at all. It just leaves me wondering how these news media outlets secure these technology evangelistas. And then how do they manage to keep them over the long haul. These guys are dumb. I would remind them that the most popular mobile OS In the world in Android by far and it goes on more IOT things as well. So when you are building up your client base and building down your public demonstration of technology understanding, try to inject some realism in the whole thing. There are Linux servers out there as well which manage to present and give us the lion’s share of the public web and supporting services that the internet has to offer. Lest we forget.

Another thing that bugs me of late is simply living here in California. I mean… Really? This is it? This is something I should strive for? I keep on thinking I could live decently in a place like Thailand or the Philippines or Malaysia and pay so little compared to here. No need for a car there. I have feet. No need for fancy this or that. A simple tablet is it along with a suitable google voice phone number to use for everything.  I bring this up because a friend told me once to go seek out female companionship there. I don’t even want that. I just want what I don’t have. A normal pain point for human kind I am gathering :-)

A final diatribe is work. I have been without work for almost a month now. There is nothing wrong and I am not hurting financially or personally. I just do not like the “no work” thing versus the “always working” thing I had before. I am still in some kind of denial and catch myself trying to leap to the next stage which is bargaining or depression or whatever. I doubt I will do the depression thing but the whole bargaining thing where I try to make a deal with the devil or angel in me comes up. I can hear myself now,

I will do this if you give me that. If I am able to achieve that, I will promise to do this other thing. Okay, no evil stuff. No down stream repercussions so I will bargain away the concessions and deal with the remaining hard demands.

And no, I do not want female companionship or even male companionship. A dog would be nice though. Dogs provide more than some people do. Can’t marry a dog but on the other hand; the trust never turns to suspicion and doubt with a dog. Dogs are faithful and will be your friend and guardian and always be standing next to you. Right or wrong. And I miss that. And most people cannot even get there closely. Too bad people relationships are bound up in all the bad stuff for the most part. I cherish the few I have but others do not tempt me. I’ll be your acquaintance but don’t expect some buddy buddy thing. I ain’t that guy.

I’ll be glad to head back tomorrow. I feel like getting back will let me focus on the things i think are important. Visiting someone else always means you must share the things. I’m not that good at sharing.

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The Weirdness of Work and the Wonder of Play

Work is a strange beast. More than anything I want to still go back to IBM and work. Work with the team I was with. Solve the problems they asked me to solve. Be there for the teams and the customer as a resource. Yet I cannot go back even though they really want me and I really want. Its not so much IBM. Its more what they asked me to do and the fact they paid me to do it and I worked at home all the time. I got completely spoiled working all that time at home. I do have this new work thing with an old friend and I’m excited but I have not seen a specific deal come through or money. Lets face it. We can say we work for the challenge, the fun. But what we really work for is the money. Money is needed to get by and thrive. Challenge and fun is nice and I really enjoy both; but its money that makes my life possible.

Then there is play. Play is that freewheeling non-effort thing which makes you into a child again. It takes you, makes you. Perhaps breaks you and then rebuilds it all. You emerge with play showing you the way through the hours with effortless abandon. Children know the value of play. It enriches their moments. See them at playgrounds and its the complete abandon and emergence in the object of their play.

Its difficult to have play if you don’t have work. I don’t know that they are opposites but the one makes the other better. Play makes work seem more bearable. Work makes the play times seem more focused and concentrated. Simply put we need both to have one. There is no real way to know the value of play without the weirdness of work.

Consider the next time you rush out the door on a weekend. The hours are out there for you to go play in. They are boundless yet limited. They liberate but they constrain you. They balance but pull you in. Play is such a thing. We miss it when its gone and cannot wait for it come again. I aver that we would not know the essence of play without the concentration of work.

I bring this up because I am missing the work side of things and after over a year and almost two of the focus of it; I miss what it meant for me at IBM. I was part of this team that I could participate in, collaborate with, show them how to use the stuffy bureaucracy of IBM to get things done. I have been told they miss me and want me back badly. I want back badly. Its a drug of sorts that job. The multiple Sametime messaging windows. The problems which need solutions which I can usually get done because I know the people that I need to know.

The new thing has not proven itself. Its not either work or play. Its nothing yet because no money has changed hands and no work has been delivered. Will it? Or do I go back to IBM on a new project? I don’t know. I always doubt the new thing when a person cannot answer the basic question about projects and pay. So if IBM offers, I will go back. Its about bread and butter and a known thing versus a thing which may not really yield anything in the time I need it to. I will also wait and see because work and play are just that way.

Now go out and play! You deserve it.

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New Business Beckons

Heading up to Chico for a few days this weekend. Amtrak’s Capitol Corridor is my preferred method of moving about northern California where possible.


Take the Capitol Corridor up from Fremont to Sacramento and then hop the bus service for the rest of the trip. I’ll get in early evening and then my friend Ed and I will head over to Sierra Nevada brewery for dinner and drinks. Undoubtedly the night will involve more drinking and talking and talking and drinking because it always does with Ed. I’ve gotten drunk with Ed so many times over the years of knowing him, there is no real surprise to things. We just drink gracefully and find some truths. We both share a number of things in our lives. Amazing that I first met Ed way back in time when I worked at the GAP. We then moved over to Linuxcare and we worked off an on together at other places doing consulting for companies like Microsoft. That NDA ran out some years ago but it was fun work to compare open source and Microsoft’s own small biz server package offerings in a lab setting.

New work is coming along and I’m writing up service offerings and technical approaches. Stuff I have not done for awhile. Stuff I loved doing before. I think we are gonna be up and running with service delivery models, pricing approaches, consultative methods very shortly. None of it is rocket science. What makes it appealing and innovative is doing it from the ground up.

IBM is not hiring any contractors so that whole thing is in the past. That’s a good thing for me I think. This new work will sustain me and also add $$ into my pocket very shortly I am thinking. Now we need to launch the business entity, create the required buckets for how we do business, and then soft launch things with our partners that we already have.

Life is gonna be good!

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Low cost Windows 10 Convertibles and Laptops

There’s a belief out there by simply lowering the price to a competitive amount compared against a chromebook, that a Windows 10 laptop will immediately compete. I contend that only lowering prices will not effectively compete for a few reasons:

  • The chromebook is meant to be cloud centric and its had time to build a set of compatible software and applications ecosystems to make that goal more reachable. By including Android applications, chromebook users can effectively multiply the applications available while still maintaining the “thin” nature of the experience. That brings me to the second point.
  • Chromebooks by their nature are “thin” and are meant to connect to a web of everything environment. I cannot see Windows 10 being thin and it appears to me it will be a thick client where the option to have locally installed applications means more security issues and the usual proclivity of driver, software, and upgrade issues. I read that Microsoft will force users to apply updates. Chromebooks come in different releases one can move to but there are “modes” to enable functionality like Developer mode. From this one can run a “chrooted” environment of Linux at either a full GUI or as a CLI based alternative. I don’t see how a Windows cloudbook can do this. The concept of a chroot has been around for years. I used to run a 32 bit chroot way long ago on Debian AMD64 systems before multiarch came along.
  • Chromebooks are meant to be secure and require no investment in anti-virus or malware. Will cloudbooks share this? I don’t believe so. I believe they will be just as inept as previous released to malware and virus infestations. We’ll know the truth of that when we see them come out next week.
  • Chromebooks for work and education. I think Chromebooks are the environments for work going forward. I would like to see employers exploit remote environments like VPS or other virtualization stacks to give remote workers the ability to run a perfectly secure host OS and attach to remote Windows or LInux servers by simply running RDP or SSH or VNC services. Cloudbooks will do this as well but the investment is toward a thicker implementation of a host OS or so I believe. Chromebooks for education can be cheap entry points for cost-strapped schools and by bundling the ecosystems of Google docs and documentation sharing, schools can save money much like my daughter’s high school did with older chromebooks. Schools can become google campuses and use the rich environments to share, create, and publish documents.
  • Finally, chromebooks have an inroad far beyond cheap prices and entry points. People actually want to use chromebooks because they perceive that the cost to enter is low. When a chromebook fails, one goes to the store and gets a new one. What is really lost? The loss of a Windows laptop has always been a multiple stage problem Its not just the data files or the programs. Its the hooks to system files and the registry. One badly maimed registry key spells disaster for applications and file associations or network or other services. I don’t see the end to having to install registry sweepers and cleaners and the whole host of support applications.

So what do the multiple vendors of chromebooks need to do to keep their multiple faced edge? I think maximize how chromebooks can be used in education and work environments. Create more entry points in smaller institutions like non-profits where money still does make a difference but the real thing is the use of the ecosystem applications and environments. I don’t see Windows cloudbooks competing there whatsoever. Finally, create the ability to run more “fulfilling” android applications in their sandboxes. This creates a multi-textured runtime environment that chromebook and android users can be effective users.

My Nexus 6 phone now unlocks my chromebook. Lets see how we can use both to take care of functionality, security, access without the need for passwords. Passwords are arcane bits of trivia which need to go away. Here’s the final tool user thing. Will I buy a cheap Windows 10 convertible laptop? Of course! Because choice is a wonderful thing and competition means everything gets better. I’ve done away with the need for most of my Linux experience with my Toshiba Chromebook 2 but being the curious type, finding a Windows convertible laptop for $249 like this place says gets my curiosity up there. How will it match up against my points above? Will it be a success, mixed, or a failed attempt? The only way to really tell is to go spend the $250 and see.

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Two Weeks No Work

I celebrated tonight and took the daughter force out for Pho. Two weeks and no work. I’m settling in and getting used to this whole no work thing. Now I can actually sleep in later and watch classic western movies some of the day. I eat breakfast later and roam around not doing much at all. There is a word for this…


Yes. That’s the word.

So I decided to try interviewing for a new gig. I responded to two emails today for positions. Both recruiters answered me and let me know I was qualified for the work and I would be submitted. That was very tiring. Now I’m ready for an evening of swilling beer and watching classic Hulu after I get done with the documentary on General Tso Chicken on Netflix.

Next week I will see some friends for lunch from the Visa days. We will remember those days and talk about the challenges with being a program or project manager. Then I’ll drive back across the San Mateo bridge after I talk Mani into buying my lunch at this expensive Afghan place. Harry will argue he should buy my lunch and I will remain silent and let them fight over me.

Perhaps I will work next week. Perhaps not. Maybe IBM will decide I am worthy and have me return. Maybe not. I’m not terribly concerned one way or the other. They could have me back for three months and do it again to me and I’d be no further along than I was. I need a position for about 16 months. Then I can implement the plan. The big secret Mike plan no one knows about.

We’ll see if IBM is up to the challenge :-)

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Note Taking and Outllining

I’ve been a long-time Evernote user since way back when and have been pretty satisfied. I could clip things into it, send content to an email address, have nested notebooks for things. I could embed PDF files and graphics easily. The current trend of charging for premium services and then over-charging for them after this subscription period wore me out. Here is what I want in an application:

  1. I want a consistent interface between my chromebook and my Nexus 6 phone and whatever other device I throw at the solution. This is really important to me because I am on the go, traveling, on a bus or train. I want to see my stuff in a reasonable version that updates.
  2. Ideally, want to have things on Google Drive. Its just easier for me to store things there and then use it as a bucket for maps, drawings, text, photos. In other words, an integrated application which will hold all those things.
  3. Rich text, graphics, tables, formatting, and exporting support. I want to format things to stand out and be able to find things consistently. I tend to accumulate things like walking maps and different commentary from authors on places to go.

So, what application is best? Some would maintain Evernote or perhaps OneNote. Or some centralized application. I’ve found a suitable replacement which I am still testing and that’s Google Docs, sheets, and slides. This is primarily due to a PC World article I am still studying. But how does my solution match up against my needs?

I can find a suitable and consistent interface which allows data exchange between my two connected devices and, in fact, is favored by both to maintain text, spreadsheet, and presentation documents. The chromebook and my Nexus 6 stores things easily on Google Drive so the second thing is met.

Finally, the third one is an interesting one. I want internal collaboration within the elements of the toolset I use. Embedding or copying between different core applications is a suitable thing. There is another thing which is just as important I did not list above. That is a hierarchical approach that can be expanded easily by adding new folders, copying data around between folders, etc. I have not tried linking between documents which is desirable as well. The idea is to create a rich link from a doc to a image file or a doc to another doc, embed a spreadsheet in a google doc, etc. None of these are show stoppers if not there.

Finally the sharing capacity is unrivaled since my daughter may want to access my shared Japan travel notes folder and see trip plans, images and maps. I can simply invite her to share and she can then see it on her Nexus 7. No more things added. No cost to deal with. Available on the chromebook in an elegant form factor. Nice on my Nexus 6.

Is this the summit of how things should integrate? I don’t think so. Is it a workable solution which builds on google’s core document management, sharing, and integration? Yes! By simply using the tools given for free and keeping an adequate amount of storage on hand, I can create very rich content in text or outline format, share the information, export it.

There is also a workflow to this I have not experimented with. I would like to create an element of GTD which is an inbox and some folders that will target specific actions but I am not a GTD’er. In fact, I rebel against it as much as I can. It simply is not a thing I can stick with. My mind never empties and I get drawn into experimenting with the tools over the techniques. But what I see as a value is a component of it to catalog and share things for travel, shopping, and other stuff that I can then move into other folders in the workflow.

I’m in the experimenting mode now and I can go back to something else but it has to share based on Google Drive and have a set of components which are at the same level whether I am on the Android Phone or Chromebook. We’ll see how it all works out as I document, create journal posts, find and record neato things I happen across.

If you are wondering, I did try Google Keep. The Keep app is fine for short lists and notes. Its not good for journaling or outlining since there is no formatting within the application. I experimented and tossed that one out and then found the PC World article I linked to. We shall see how it goes!

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Fitness Tracking in the Mike Generation

I’ve tried probably 6 different phone devices and at least three physical and wearable gadgets. I’ve wondered what is the best one and have come up with some conclusions for this experiment of one. First some basic facts so you can rate or disregard my conclusions. I do not care about calories, heart rate, and goals so the apps which offer those are lower rated. I don’t care about monthly summaries or lists of the music I was playing or audible high five’s. I don’t care about socializing my results on facebook or Google Plus or whatever. I have come to the conclusion I don’t care about GPS and real time alerts and notification widgets and all that stuff.

So what in heck is left?

What is left is what I truly enjoy doing. I enjoy walking for the pure sense of release and freedom that it offers. I like walking because the wind and trees and roads rise up to meet me on my walk. I walk because I don’t care about all the big goals but want the small ones that accrue. The general feeling of wellness and positioning that wellness for the longer city walks I enjoy so much. I’ve blogged about those for the last years.

So what do I need to track and what is it that’s important to me to track if not the goal directed behavior, the alerts, the social part of things. Simply put I just want affirmation. I want a simple connection perhaps from my Moto 360 to Google Fit which lets me view what I did. I want a simple record kept so I can go back if I want to; but truth be told I don’t really need the history. I don’t even need 100% accuracy. I just need to see the record of what I did and when I did it.

At this point, the combination of Android Wear device and Google Fit with high accuracy and supposed battery draining work for me. Will it work for you? Probably not. We are all experiments of one and some desire competitive goals, challenges, records, social management, friends that share your workouts. I don’t specifically want friends to share my workouts or travels so I do the entire thing solo. Sound mean or selfish? Yep. It is.

In the past, I shared my walking with another and it became a descent to Hell. For over an hour, I heard everything that bothered that person down to work, money, life, relationships. Walking became a negative and I did not want that. What i really wanted was the solitude, Google Play Music All Access playing in my bluetooth headset, time to ramble the thoughts and scramble the ideas. I did not need or want another person’s problems intruding. So I basically uninvited that person from the walks and it worked. Walking became that “fix” for me; that solution which addressed the inside me for the outside me. I walked the longer city walks solo to learn a city like Seattle or Tokyo or Sydney.

Now a person will ask to walk with me and I will not allow it. There is no room in that fluid world where I walk for a second person with all their problems, concerns, useless BS discussions. The world flows around me only and sunsets and wind; sidewalks and paths, cities and rivvers all accommodate to fit my needs.

Sorry I’m so selfish with it but I’ve learned the hard way. The best companion for me other than a Nexus 6 phone and my smart watch is me. I can tear apart and rebuild without any help. I can confront my demons and acknowledge them. I can return feeling blessed until the next day when that feeling bubbles up that I have to go out on that street to touch the world on my terms.

Sorry all you others out there. Ex-wives, kids, friends. This is my thing. Find your own.

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Walking as a Means to no End

I’ve been using the Endomondo application on my Nexus 6 for awhile to track my walking. The application provides a map of where I went and a lot of details about the trip. I started wondering why I use it though and whether my walk had degenerated into a map and track effort instead of just enjoying the time out. I don’t do walking to reach some cosmic health benefit so tracking things like hydration and whether I am going up or downhill don’t matter. What i really want is a method that will track my daily walk without additional applications or sensors being tapped. I cancelled my endomondo subscription and will go with the Moto 360 and fit only because what it gives me can be used on my walking trips as well as my daily walking trips and leaves me free to stop wondering if I did this or that track. I think walking had started to descend into a morass of maps and data sharing when its supposed to free me from all that.

Starting today, my Moto 360 and Fit which all works exceedingly well will let me see merely the steps and the distance and not all the other measures. I want to still see what i do out of a sense of accomplishment but the integration of Android Wear and my Nexus 6 works fine for me and lets me focus on the endeavor and not the result. It frees me from what seemed to be the start of checking every few minutes for distance or location and i can instead work on the walk itself and free myself from the constant GPS enabled integration.

I think a lot of people do an activity to meet those other goals and a Runkeeper or Endomondo is fine. I don’t though and walking has meant more to me than merely seeing the thresholds of distance and pace with a nice little google map.

Work as a means to an end

On the other end of the continuum is my need to work. It has become a need not just for money but for sanity. I need to solve problems and have a meaningful existence where i can focus on solving the common problems with customer and IBM so I am really hoping that this next week signals my return to the fold. I think the new work comes soon for me and I am hoping for the official email tomorrow or Tuesday.

I also get paid for the endeavors which is not a bad thing. Its not the only reason I do this though. There is a sense I get of fulfillment with working. A friend offered a new possibility around working to me recently. A few colleagues and friends are starting some new work things. I’ve declined doing that because if someone wants to focus on open source and Linux I want to solve problems with it and not just continue in the old tradition. I think open source and Linux are critical to solving larger world problems when leveraged correctly. Things like global warming, preservation of critical cultural and historic resources, education systems, and remote learning are all things that these key technologies can attack. I would love to volunteer and work on solutions which attack these global problems. I personally feel open source is the method and tool to attack these issues on a global scale. Call it a lofty desire but I’ve done my share of things which do not attack problems like this in the past and before i do more I want to see a new mission that will utilize open source to fix global problems.

I think my colleagues privately laugh at me at not moving forward but that’s okay too. I wish them the best at their endeavors but its not for me.

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