We Never Knew a Friday was Coming

Yes dear friends. Friday is here finally. Its binge beer night and pizza night and wishes and wonder and curiosity and drunkeness by 1am Saturday morning. Its thankfulness to my employer for giving me the opportunity to deliver on this job. Compared to my previous job; its rather significant. Working with international teams on a diverse and complex project with many intersecting points beats the hell out of booking travel for some dudes that are all grown up and should be doing all that themselves.

I cannot help on a Friday compare what I have now compared to then. Now though I have a Friday with a walk at home ahead of me. Its warm here today so I’m waiting and blogging and wondering and feeling good about work. I put in good days this week and solved a major problem that allowed the project to go forward. I’m appreciated by my team and perhaps even IBM.

But… September will be here before I even know it. It always happens that way. Will I stay or go? I don’t know for sure which way it will be. I would prefer to stay and work on more projects for the current place. I enjoy the environment and the people. No one asks me whether a switch was plugged in or not or if the PDU should go on the top or bottom. No one asks whether such and such hotel is better than the other one or change my flights.

Since its Friday, a few other retrospectives or thoughts.

My wonderful daughter force graduates from High School in a week now. She will move on in life now and be done with the 12 years of mandated schooling. Her goal is a job or two. There is no real need to rush off to college and just get that much more frustrated. I took time off and joined the military and it felt like I got grounded after that and could go to school. I think its important for her to find herself and not be manipulated by some well meaning but ignorant people who think they know, by the advantage of age, what is better for another. They don’t. No one ever knows what is best for another. Hell, they they don’t even know what’s best for themselves most of the time. If they did, they would not do the stupid things they do.

Another thing. My small little startup which I felt at one time had some urgency and passion has dwindled down to almost nothing. I will never invite more founders to participate. I am “foundered out”. The person I thought would be entrepreneurial and forward looking with great contacts with area technology companies ended up really not doing much of anything. Now I have the LLC and EIN and I’ve basically stopped.

Well, such are all the things which either occupy thoughts or not this weekend. I’ll drink some beer and remember to not ask for or give advice. I’ve realized that people that ask for advice have already decided what to do and they are just waiting to see what the HELL you will say. I think that’s one of those unwritten laws out there.

It is a weekend though so I’m willing to let things go. In fact, I will go pretty soon and hit the roads for 2 hours somewhere walking. Not sure where yet. My feet will find the way.

Sunday at McDonalds

I woke up early as usual this morning. I get tired early Saturday evenings but went through resetting my new Chromebook R11 so I could get the latest Chrome updates and be able to get the big one. The one with Android Application integrated in tow. The R11 is an interesting little convertible and its a mashup of a decent laptop with some basic tablet and tent functionality. I say basic because Chrome is not really set to do the whole tablet thing and some of the interactions are kinda painful. Much work remains to be able to make use of tablet specific navigation if we ever will have it. I kinda doubt we will. The main reason is that we don’t need it to turn our chromebooks into even bigger productivity devices. What we really need are the cheap entry points along with millions of applications which have been supported on Android for years. I have a short list of applications I really want on my R11 come June:

Flipboard – I am a news hound so I enjoy Flipboard and its magazine-centric approach to reading, flipping, sharing content. I like how you can subscribe and follow stories, flip things to your own public or private magazine, save on Pocket, etc. The web version of Flipboard is basic and has never really become more. I am hoping that when it comes to Android we get the full monte of integrations along with the excellent “intents” sharing.

MS Office Applications – I want to run the full fledged MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote on my Chromebook. The google docs apps are great but there is a time where I need to get the full office support and just having it available is the nice thing. I may only use it once a month but its the idea of having it.

Travel Applications – I like expedia and tripadvisor on the web but the Android apps have certain fit and finish and use that is far better than the normal web applications.

Tools and Utilities – Will apps like Harmony to control my Harmony hub work? I’m not sure but it would be nice to share the configurations with the chromebook and not be tied to just the smartphone experience. Will I be able to use Android Wear with my Huawei Watch on my chromebook? Can I pair the watch with the chromebook, change watch faces and configs? Not sure but this would also be welcome.

Full Integration with web applications – I am hoping when Google says full integration, what it means is that the beautiful and functional sharing through “intents” works with the web applications like Chrome and that we get the full tilt of user experience.

Productivity Enhancements – Suddenly having a keyboard, trackpad, big screen, with lots of processor power and memory and storage becomes the next thing. I wonder what the new chromebooks will look like that come with the Play Store out of the box. Will storage change to a larger core amount? I don’t think so. Will other aspects change and we see a full ecosystem thing where the lines blur and a productivity device includes the apps and stores necessary to get work done. When the lines blur and people talk about being more productive it will mean not only access but integration and use.

Now for Sunday at McDonalds

Since I’m done with the regular spiel on my Sunday I’m on to sitting in the McD’s and drinking their coffee after breakfast. Its only 9am here and the day will heat up. I’ll probably break for Starbucks again this afternoon and then take my son to work. Walk and have Indian food for dinner tonight I think. Its a solitary day for me after sharing the afternoon with my daughter.

A few things came up as I lay in my comfie Japanese Futon this morning. I like my life the way it is right now. The work, the play, the living arrangement. Even the Bay area in some regards but I cannot help but feel a thing is waiting around a corner that I cannot see. A change that is fundamental is waiting for a door to open. I don’t know what it is. I do know if we don’t adopt and adapt change we basically stop with the whole life thing. I’ll have a second cup of Joe here at McD’s and be right back…

Okay. They gave me a refill. Now to continue. Something seminal and basic will change. I just know it. I also know some things I won’t do again. I will not give advice to people nor will ask for it ever again. I am not good at figuring out what a person needs to do and perhaps I see something they don’t want to see or acknowledge or what I say will never work for them. I think people ask for advice when they have already decided what to do and they just want a second opinion. Taking advice is just as bad. No one can walk a mile in your shoes nor should they want to. Volunteering to share your experience and advise a person to do a thing or not is fool’s folly.

I’ll be here at the McDonalds on Thornton for another 30 minutes. The coffee is hot and fresh. People come and go. I watch this usual crowd of folks of all different walks of life enter and leave. I’m thankful I don’t have what some of them have. Nagging spouses. Kids running around almost in control.

So, take a break and read a travel blog like Mikka’s. I always will recommend his blog.  I walk cities. Jonas walks countries. Its one of the few blogs I read on his site without the RSS feed. There’s something about visiting it where I make a choice to read about his latest adventures on the road, on the trails.


A second Chromebook in the Room of Mike

I wanted to get one of the Acer Chromebook R11’s with 4gb of memory so I could have the model that would be supported by Google in less than a month that would get the Play Store integration. I got that laptop today. Its the convertible model which swings around to a tent or tablet. Honestly, the tablet optimization for Chrome still is sucky in a few ways but the form factor over all of this device will make it a tablet killer when the Play Store arrives. Its a portable device where a mobile user feels right at home and I think a tablet user will want the productivity enhancements (keyboard, trackpad, decent screen). The screen is not all that good but its not bad either.


I have the white model just like the image and it does all the different form factors and the device adjusts quite nicely when you change it.

Its an interesting little device and its quite nice to type on actually. Much better than the Asus Chromebook flip with its smaller screen and cramped keyboard. I can see this device having lots of Android apps on it and soon the distinction will blur and the Play Store will manage its updates and the device will get updates direct from Google. That makes this a tablet killer for an Android tablet landscape that never found its legs. There was always something missing with the tablets from the OEMs and Google perhaps besides the popular and useful Nexus 7 2013 model. I think that model was successful because the apps did not look so strange on it.

Soon though we will have a new set of toys to play with. A new app ecosystem to integrate and use. As a few reporters have notated, it pretty much signals the end of the android tablet ecosystem if there ever was one. Now we’ll have the productivity options fully engaged in a device that costs less than $300 or so. What will Apple and Microsoft do next? It really does not matter because the Chrome+Android ecosystem merge will mean more in classrooms and personal productivity and perhaps offices than we could ever anticipate before IO 2016.

Soon I’ll run Office apps in a native mode right on the chromebook. I can install Flipboard and have it use the native intents, open the host browser, etc. It feels like a chroot on steroids to me!

Memorial Day Weekend Comes Again

Last night I drank the beer, ate the chips and dip. I had a six pack of Nut Brown Ale. That stuff is really good! Watched movies on the Roku and have amended my initial downward vote on my Logitech Harmony Home Hub. The Hub uses a smartphone to control devices around the house that it can find. I bought the device to get rid of three different remote controls and the frustration having to use eimagesach to power up, change channels, change sources. Now my Nexus 6p is the remote and I have two activities setup on it. One powers up the TV along with my Soundbar. The other powers up the Roku. The frustrating part of this in the
initial setup was the TV would not change the source from HDMI to TV when I selected to watch TV. I never had a problem watching the Roku with it.

Now it seems to be behaving itself and, in fact, it works quite well. I may not ever give it 5 or even 4 stars because the setup could be much easier but at this point after some calibration the device works pretty well for me. Getting rid of three remotes is so nice!

Coffee Morning Thoughts

Since the morning after the weekly binge drinking, I’m enjoying some instant coffee in the room. I bought some Dowe Egberts to try out and its pretty good. The whole French Press, buying beans, grinding, got to be too much for me. I only do coffee at home on the weekends because workdays I am out by 630am to have breakfast and stuff.

I came up with a few thoughts for this Saturday and Memoridal Day kickoff weekend.  First off, I still love the job at the current place and I hope I get to stay past October. You never know when you’re a contractor though. People come and go and work does too. I will probably take a month off no matter what and travel a bit. At a longer term and I don’t really have a visionary twist, I’m getting slowly but surely tired of IT and doing it. Its just not a thing I see myself doing much longer and at some point in the next year or so, I’ll just stop working and implement something else. It will involve travel!

Second thing is the little car I bought and safety. If you do nothing else and you drive, check those tires out. I found a boil on the tire on my car which could have ruptured and sent me into a pretty bad accident. I ended up at Americas Tire getting 4 new Yokohama Tires that were the best rated for my car. I still need to get it serviced but I think a trip to Jiffy Lube can take care of that pretty easily.


Final thing is how Chrome and Android will blend together and what it means. I’ve thought about this a lot of late. Android tablets never really were a force and if you wanted a serious tablet you got a iPad or perhaps the Surface. I have a Surface Pro 3 which now sits powered off and its become yet another device I will not use again. I’ll wait to get the Play Store on my Chromebook. When that happens any remaining reasons to ever consider a tablet go away completely. We’ll have productivity devices with large screens, good keyboards, and trackpads plus lots of different ports like Type C and USB and cards and all kinds of stuff. I think that this will kickstart innovation at the hardware level and by end of the year or so we will see brand new chrome based systems which advertise the integration. With the price not changing since the CPU, memory, and storage are set; we get tablets with productivity enhancements for so cheap.

What’s Next?

Life is next always. I always think of walking because for some reason its central to the thing I do in life. I walk at my pace, listen to my music, on my Android phone. I found out that Project Fi is not for me since I slurp more data and the Fi service is not really meant for this so I am moving back to Tmobile soon and ordered the Unlimited talk, text, and data. I’ll port my number back next week in a few steps.

Now I’m feeling kinda hungry this morning so I will probably decide to leave for some kind of food. Perhaps a bagel this morning. I will be seeing my wonderful daughter force later today for a trip to Starbucks and then a BBQ dinner. She is graduating High School in mere days and I am so proud of her. She has made it to a big occasion in her life.

Have a great weekend and get your “what next” promoted 🙂

The Power of the Walk

Walking is a power activity I believe. One step in front of the other. Some folks wear elaborate counting devices or want to record miles. Others want to record steps taken. Goals are realized. Must do 10k steps a day to realize health benefits. Must raise pulse to a certain level. Must maintain the pulse and the steps.

I started walking some years ago with a dog. Primarily to get the dog out and tired but the second benefit was soon the 15 minute walks turned to 30 minute walks. Then they turned to 60 minute walks. Soon I was traveling to places with the express desire to walk the cities. I’ve walked in Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, Kyoto, Seattle, Portland, Eugene, Santa Barbara. These walks have been for 5 to 7 hours and I usually pick a direction I wish to go to explore but often it all changes as I get lost and use my Android phone to gently point me in a new direction thanks to Google Maps.

I also watch people that do other things. I saw a woman running today that looked so unhappy doing it. It looked like work and that the enjoyment factor was not there. When I walk with the earbuds and Google Play Music sharing my walking playlist; I feel engaged, alive. I feel the moments of the walk and trees and grass and the clouds and sky. If you do a thing you do not enjoy and it does not fuel you for more of it; why do it? What is the reason? You are doing it to gain a weight loss or health benefit. But what about the inner you benefit. I know my weight has changed around a bit. The jeans that fit tight around the waist and legs are now loose. I still have some beer belly going and I feel like its okay. I’m an old guy and I enjoy my life. When I walked in Seattle I chose a direction the second day to find a brewpub I wanted to try. Same with Portland. I wanted to find a specific brewpub. In Santa Barbara; I ended a 7.4 mile walk that day with beers and food in a brewpub.

Walking has become so very important that I plan cities to visit based on what other people have written about walking there or Lonely Planet or other blog posts or stories, articles, books, reviews. I think that Vancouver BC and Victoria would be good walking cities. I think Boston would be a good walking city. I think Chicago might be a good walking city. There are others as well.

So far this year, I’ve done one walking trip when I visited Santa Barbara. Other years I’ve done two each year. Truth be told, I wear myself out each day walking the cities for 6 hours. My feet are sore, legs are tired. I sleep so heavy that the next day first thing I feel kinda drugged. As I mentioned, I’m an old guy so you young millenial types can outdo me easily I bet.

The main thing if there is one the act of walking. The feeling of the foot in front of the other foot. The feeling of the sweat trickling down your face sometimes or rain swamping you and you having that exultant feeling like I did one evening when it started raining in Fremont and I had this most wonderful feeling that the rain was this life force gently reminding me that the world is in coordination. That I’m a part of this world for those moments walking. The greater world where my steps are steps that cross a world of rain, wind, sunsets.

Try the walking or not. For some they have found the event that triggers their feelings. Perhaps running, cycling, surfing. Whatever. At the risk of sounding biased though walking is the primary activity of our lives. We do the walking to get to the McDonalds for breakfast or to get the beer at night. In my case to feel that elusive all in one feeling that comes and gently tickles my soul.It tells me that life is spent with one foot following the other in a cosmic repeat.

I love walking.

Things I do not understand

People. I don’t get them. Relatives, ex’s, ex relatives. How we can have a brother-in-law and a sister-in-law and then we don’t when its over. Suddenly those people are no longer related either. Its like the divorce happens to such a wide audience. You are never supposed to contact those people again. My so-called ex-brother-in-law (is there such a thing?) has never called me, sent me a card, referred to me since the divorce; yet my ex-sister-in-law still does. There is something strange with people. Especially people you have or had a relationship with. What happens is that we are basically handed the divorce to them as well. Not that I miss my ex-mother-in-law. She was a real pill. I would never hope to find another like her again. I think she managed to create some kind of bi-polarity and craziness in all the family she was the matriarch over. How? Because she’s a person and is the singular of people. We really cannot ever put ourselves in someone else’s shoes or feel what another feels or make another person happy. None of those things can happen. We can never “be as one” or blend together in some gooey soup of love and harmony. After my years here, I’ve realized that people are the worst things about people. They all think that either you are wrong and they are right or you right and then are wrong and they cannot wait to communicate all that BS. I will never understand people. And that’s okay. Along with people is this special thing called friendship. I don’t understand that but I do know that as we get older its harder and harder to make them and keep them. We all drift a thousand ways apart and cannot find the space or time to reach out. Others I have known and perhaps loved have left and some soon might. You never know.

Space. I don’t understand any of the concepts of space. Personal space, space in the universe, space and how it affects time. Whether there is a continuum or not and we can cross over the vortex and see things over across the space thing. I’ve heard people say,

give me some space

What exactly does that mean? We all have space. There is the space between us and the millions of miles of space that separate us all as humans.

I’ve tried mightily to be something I am not and I blame space on not achieving it. I cannot be like person X or Y because I am not in their space. I also do not know what it means to be in someone else’s space. I had believed it was a universal law that people cannot operate the same space.

I guess I will puzzle over space just like I do over people.

Time. I do not get time. The clock madly charts its course across our temporal and spatial skies and takes away things and gives other things. Getting old is not running out of time. Its making time look different and behave different but in the end; it does not really exist. I’ve heard people say,

give me some time

I don’t think its possible to give someone else time whether it exists or not. Time is not one of those things you can give or take. It does that all on its own dear readers.

So what we are left with we can understand you may ask. Well, there are some things we can discuss and dream about and wonder over. We can look inside ourselves and question what we find. We can travel a path that is either crooked or straight and wonder why. We can create and destroy and find and lose and value and hate. We are the Ecclesiastes of life ourselves. If you say you don’t understand God. You are lost. Because that is the most personal of things. Science is outside looking in. Faith is inside looking out. Don’t get confused and believe that anthropologists and archeologists are atheists. We are not. Faith and belief are central poles of existence to life for the good and bad. Many bad things have happened because said they believed in a thing or did not.

So in the end, we cannot really understand another person, invade their space or time; become one with them. Lose ourselves in an altruistic goo of life. Make another happy until we are happy. People, time, space. Think about it.

Sitting in a Starbucks I spy on others that may be spying on me. Who knows who thinks what. And who gives a flying fuck. We’re put here on earth not to satisfy another but to chart a path for ourselves. We may touch others and we may allow them to touch us. Friendships may bloom. People may say they love us. We may divorce and find a measure of peace or war.

Its all about the Mocha Frap I have right now and I watch it steadily going down. Is there a place where it stops? Is a glass half full enough?

Ask and you may answer.

Friday Night Still Glad you are not here blog post

A week ago I said glad you were not here on that Friday night. Here it is another Friday. I walked today the good walk and my legs told me so. Here at home for a change. Feel like I put in a good week at work. Earned my money and leave most days feeling really good. I perhaps bring something they need. It sure beats the hell out of the last place. Sometimes you just know a thing sucks without even considering all the evidence.

Now its another Friday and my times move this way and that. Will I stay at the current place? Will they offer something else after this that I can go do? I don’t know. I do like the place and the people and what I do. I’d like a job as an infrastructure PM for them for another year. That would be just about perfect for me. Maybe another 1.5 years. Then I could walk away from the technology work forever and implement “Mike Plan B”. That’s the plan where I go write the next great Novel by some Asian beach or sitting in the sun in Malaysia considering my Visa requirements. Or maybe staying the course in the good ole US of A and riding the rails back and forth, here and there, up and down this great country and the one to the north. Maybe I will never see India again but I find it hard to believe. India has this thing for me that wants me back.

But now its Friday and its beer and pizza and I must order and buy supplies. Then I must drink and get shit-faced and watch movies and consider the rest of things. That absolute Etcha Sketch with the lines I can never hide. The ones that still piss me off at times.

Welcome to your Friday if you are here. Enjoyment is good. Misery is optional.

Blog Memories and Thoughts

Every so often I type in some search word to see what accumulated BS and/or wisdom this blog has perpetuated. Some of the posts seem almost intelligent and articulate and philosophical and others seem like the rambling of a somewhat mad guy. From about 2009 to 2014 I lived in a house where the fractured family held court. My kids came and went and my ex-wife mostly went.  The blog chronicles those years pretty well if not angrily in some posts. I have had conflicting feelings about some of the posts but its dawned on me that I went through the stages that people say and I wrote about a lot of it on this here blog.

From being an archeologist to doing project management. Finding okay jobs and then accepting jobs I now wonder whatever prompted me to take. They were all grist for some mill where I tested and tasted the waters of existence. The blog chronicles some years with sets of things called categories divided into months and years called archives. Its all there.

The life of Mike is all there. Divided up and roughly defined by topics and posts and subjects and searchable data. WordPress maintains this all so well for me. I can “find” and I can search and I can write into a mysql database out there in a VPS I own. Its all a thread of an existence which still moves onward.

I watch friends, and I have a few, do their things. Some people could call me a friend but I doubt that they satisfy my somewhat demanding and demented criteria of friendship. For those people, they are something else. They cannot cross the Rubicon of my relationship requirements so I have let them go, they have let me go, or both have happened.

All of the places I’ve worked, the two kids I’ve had, the ex-wife that seems to still want to order me about. Its all in the blog. Its like a vicarious measuring stick of my life since about 2005. Some things went missing like an entire month in 2009 when I was in India working. Some pictures were not kept as I moved things around here and there. Such is life though folks. We all lose those precious photographs and then going through a box we happen across them.

I’ll take my daughter force to see a person she happens to admire and love and I’m glad she does. RWR is getting older and we shall travel to the Antelope Valley to see him. The same valley that took me to isolated canyons and fields of wild flowers, and prehistoric archeological sites perched in wondrous ecologies. The memories still abound and I write these things down not for future posterity but so in another year when I am doing whatever I shall be doing then, I can run yet another search and I will find this. This post is nothing special but a mile marker in a life beset by calamities and happenstance.

Rarely are all the orbits in perfect pitch good friend “D”. Never assume they are or as someone said,

when you assume you make an ass out of u and me

And this blog will continue I am gathering and not be erased any time soon. It catches the crumbs of an existence that sometimes I was bewildered by, sometimes I hated, and sometimes had stages to go through to get to the other side.

I’ll select enough categories to find this retrospective again. Mikes Thoughts is just that. If you happen to read here perhaps you only come back once and figure out that the whole blogging thing may be moving a bit slower. There are those of us who maintain them and update them and have love/hate relationships with them. We stop and we are 5 pound chickens trying to lay 10 pound eggs. A terribly constipated feeling results and life seems less.

Don’t refer here looking for answers to your own stages for I have none. Instead I’ll go out and walk soon at Irvington Park and wonder and wander down streets and see tree lined blocked with kids playing and dogs barking. I won’t know and I won’t care.

That’s enough.

On the Eve of Google IO my hunches…

Google IO starts soon. I happened by the GooglePlex the other day when walking and saw the guys. They all looked pensive, excited, whatever.


See. The normal smiles and moving around gave way to silently standing and waiting. Perhaps patiently to see what Android N might be.

I’ve thought through what I’d like to see and since I am so well connected to El Goog I know they

will read this blog post and deliver the goods. So, things which may or may not happen and my hunches:

  • A new 7 inch tablet much like the Nexus 7 2013 is probably not going to happen. I have not seen a single credible or even less leak. I don’t think tablets are big news any longer. Perhaps after Android N launches we will see them add one.
  • The cosmic integration of Chrome and Android will happen. Just not the way you all think. The big news is the Play Store on Chrome while still having the apps store on Chrome. This will open up Chrome to so many choices. I don’t believe Google will lessen their OS’es by one and somehow magically combine them.
  • New phones. There have been some leaks from credible sources about two new phones from HTC. I say yay! I want HTC to succeed. I had the Nexus One and in its day, it was the king. Now a metal Nexus perhaps modeled after the HTC 10 but with more memory, no SD card (there will not be an SD Card dudes, get used to it), and perhaps a few other goods will launch on new phones. I am not sure about the two. We will want and see.
  • Android N itself will be showcased but its still a work in progress so I think we will see some of its features that there have been some clamor for. Split screen, maybe force touch and maybe not, windowed mode? I think Android N is about a few things after seeing the developer release running on a Pixel C I had. Exact features though? Not sure.

Probably whole bunches of stuff around VR and brand new Google apps to be loaded and much more. Maybe other things will be more of a keynote and I am completely wrong. We have a few days to see.

Finally, Android is a thing and the iPhone is not a thing. iPhone lost its last tableau of innovation and only seems bent on copying itself and taking an earlier phone form factor and making it into something quasi new. Perhaps the legions of faithful buy this and keep on buying it. Good for them. To me that whole ecosystem is boring and the real things left they probably will never do. Give users some rights on the devices. Create real file systems people can use. Allow users to set realistic default applications. Allow icons and customization. Stop charging so much!

The Friday night glad you are not here blog post

This is Friday night and I cannot think of anyone really I would wish were here with me. I’m sorry all you guys that read this and think,

wow, if I could be with Mike tonight we could have enlightening conversation, sparkling discussion, and energetic discourse

Nope. Sorry. I don’t care to have you over for any of that. I don’t care to meet and have coffee or tea, discuss the relative merits of open source and Linux, meet business contacts or establish new relationships for any reason whatsoever.

I’m done with work this week and since I cannot work OT I am truly done. This is the end of the second week and its still good. Amazing, eh? The last place was on the negative pole of existence and this place is on the positive. Work is not work. The new boss is not the same as the old boss. Thank God. The last place with its strident emails which made me feel like a bad grade schooler, its interminable 90’s era social mores, and a company which really had no clue what it wanted to be or how to get there. All them things all stuck in my craw. Left me feeling back months ago completely underwhelmed.

Perhaps now its a emergency with international teams, a mission which seems daunting, and a great company focus where people actually look at others as team members and not the blame factor. So now I feel I contribute. I’ve learned a lot in two weeks there.

But now its a Friday. Beer in the fridge. Chips and salsa waiting patiently for their turn. A quiet night where the cell phone rings and I practice effective call screening. I don’t care to talk and I don’t want to discuss business objectives.

Here’s one more piece of news. I have my LLC and TheThing.tech is real even if its website is not yet. Tomorrow, I’ll change its DNS and set up a alias website on my Digital Ocean VPS. I’ll set email up with strong rules using postfix. Now I am a company of one and it will stay that way. I tried having kindred souls and they weren’t. I tried including someone who seemed entrepreneurial and he wasn’t. Now its just me and I can work at things or not. I have a business plan and I know what I’ll do and the people I’ll work with. I’ll launch the website and build some content this weekend after DNS decides to do its thing.

Its Friday and its beer time almost. I’ll watch an old movie or three and then drink a beer or six. That’s a Friday night for ya.