Old is New and New is Old

I added in the old content and then I noticed I did not have all those great images I had so painstakingly added to the blog. On WordPress blogs, all this stuff lives in directories under a “wp-content” directory. So I rsync’ed those things back but still no joy. So I changed the owner to the apache owner on Debian and it all came back. Imagine I got all that done without editing a Windows Registry key even once :-).

So now, the old content is back even though I said I would not add it. An old friend Tim told me he missed the content from the other days so I decided to do the magic of the import. WordPress offers some nice import and export tools so my few MB of stuff came back in.

So now what? Old is new, new is old. Life is back and my thousands of readers surely will rejoice! I also combined two pages on the blog as I mentioned before into one. I found myself editing the Personal Stuff page way too often as I stopped and started at various places.

I have to admit to liking the content back since so much of my so-called life happened in this content perhaps vicariously. My trials, trips, travels. My wonderful other life in Chennai India. The months spent there. Traveling last year to see Rajesh get married and my travel journals for the times in Singapore, Chennai, and Kyoto. If you are new here you probably have noticed more than just a passing interest in India that I have. If you read back to 2009, you’ll find the reasons for that. Check out the archives from about May to October 2009 and onward. I traveled quite a bit.

Travel is a drug though and as my wife drifted apart to her own dance, I was fed by the travel narcotic. When I did not like something here, I could get whisked away to another place. Mylapore or Singapore. It was there for me. The moments were better.

But as you all know time has a way of correcting and fixing and basically fucking things up. So now I’m here in a place I don’t care for, during times I really can’t take too well sometimes. I catch myself dreaming. Dreaming of when the old could be new and when the new may be old.

Welcome yet again to the content which has no real purpose other than to remind me of what used to be and what may still be.