Daily Archives: June 10, 2012

New Place

I decided to go back to WordPress because I’m so used to it. I’ll probably not add back in the old content; although its available. I feel the need for a fresh start. The blog persists and my need for it continues. I just feel that the old information starting sliding downward and became a platform for divorce, hurt feelings, dwelling way too much on the past.

We as human beings seem to have a few choices when it comes to living. We can live for tomorrow which is really not a good choice. We can live for others which never really works since we always live for ourselves first. Witness eating, sleep. We can live in the past. That’s a shame to be stuck there.

I’ve chosen with some recalcitrance to live in the present. Memories still flood in but I feel more able to continue without the continuous reminders of the blog that used to be.I’ll continue to post stuff here about my thoughts and ruminations in many areas. No real guarantee it won’t slip and slide into personal stuff. That’s what the site has always been about. I just feel that things need to be rebooted every so often and we need to move along the timeline.