Excursions in bipedal mode

Saturday morning! Last night we celebrated my baby doll’s birthday at the place she demanded which was BeniHana. The food was quite good and the fragmented family came together for the cause. Of course, shortly thereafter we all fell to pieces again and I was left with my daughter and son. We ended up watching the wild and wonky world of chocolate with Gene in it.

I wanted to document my recent walking excursions and how walking seems to help me in a number of areas. Last year when traveling to Asia, I had the wonderful opportunity of traveling in pedestrian form through another wonderful city built for pedestrian travel. Kyoto is definitely meant for this kind of tourism if one is inclined to put on hours a day of walking. I spent almost 6 hours a day on the roads seeing temples, shopping centers, people. What’s to gain with that form of tourism though? The gain is more of a basic thing folks. With feet on the pavement, you have a connection to what makes the city move. You have a more basic route that carries you through a limited part of the city instead of a bus tour which attempts to let you see all of it. The bus separates you out from weather, people, and the smells and sounds of the city.

I found the same thing in Sydney Australia. Sydney is another city well worth the pedestrian travel. Take the bridge walk from North Sydney to downtown. Walk all around and then return and hike the bridge back. So much to see but you realize in walking you will never see it all. Then it becomes okay. Because the cosmic connection is the feet on the ground and not the bus tires.

Finally, another city is made for the walk. That has to be Singapore. I’ve walked around there a number of times. Its safe, clean, easy to transport oneself through the various city scapes. I would also link up Tokyo and its wondrous districts to this map as well. Tokyo is great for pedestrian tourism but you can combine travel on the subway with this and get a wonderful combination.

Walking here is just as good though. When at home, I walk about six days a week over an hour a day. I have pet names for the walks but each one is slightly different. One may have secluded neighborhoods while the other has open areas. At work, the walks are different now than when I worked at Microsoft. I had a wondrous trail system at Microsoft to walk and could see the GooglePlex, Linkedin plus all the trails that make up the Stevens Creek Trail. I’ve documented those trails before and the walking there was very nice. At work now, its a bit more mixed with dirt trails that criss-cross the Cisco campus and beyond. It lets me get out though and see things around the neighborhoods and on the trails which are maintained as parts of the San Jose trails complex.

Main message here is that for me walking is the medium. It affords me the rare moments of sync’ing feelings, thoughts, gentle perambulation of thought, motion, and feelings. All this combined with my wondrous Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone playing cloud music streamed from Amazon’s cloudy place.

Today though its Saturday and I’ve had the beers last night and there is no walking today. I sit today, watch the news, relax and drink my coffee.

The world may not be in a perfect state but I have money in the bank. I found out basic facts about life after a week of walking. I learned more about the adventure doing the one bit of exercise I find that I am good at. But I would not quality my walking as exercise. Its more like the mixing of the physical and existential, the now and then, the cities I’ve wandered and the things still waiting for me.