The Wonderful Android Way

There are going to be game-changing events if the press has it right. There will be not just one Nexus device from one vendor. Imagine a world where there are multiple Nexus devices each with their own hardware footprint ┬ábut all tied to the common Google AOSP codebase. Phones and tablets guaranteed to work with the latest all the time. Phones selling as unlocked world GSM devices with the pentaband setup like my Galaxy Nexus has it now. Take a single device which is world-class and then multiply it out. So what are the benefits of this strategy you may ask. Here are the ones I see after just reading the release over on JR’s Posts on Computeworld and considering it a bit.

  • There would be a multiplicity of phones with the same baselines from all the vendors. No single vendor lock-in and you are free to choose if you use GSM technology. This truly means you travel the world with the phone and buy simple SIMcard technology to make it work. By the way, this is the way the rest of the world perhaps does things. But what it really means is that we are no longer locked-in to what a carrier thinks we should have.
  • No skins and almost proprietary lock-in to Sense or Touchwiz. We have the phones we want but yet you could still have the phones from carriers with the skins if you want. If you want to buy into the contract and service plan that is. But why would you? Why in the hell would anyone want a service plan and carrier cost when you can just go spend $400.00 US or so every so often on the phone. Imagine what you spend here in the US on the service commitment and upgrades. Its why I will never buy another phone from a carrier directly ever again. I’m on magenta though and I think they are pretty easy on the restrictions to what GSM phone you can use.
  • Hardware. You get the best of the best for whatever the vendors offer. There is no vendor excluded and perhaps the number just increases as the hardware gets different. What a change and what a plan for updates to new hardware. The phones just all work with the latest.
  • Software. Imagine the world of software you can have which will be updated to the latest because it is a Nexus device. But not a single one. A true gathering of Nexus devices which you can measure and choose.
  • Philosophically and idealistically, this widens the existing chasm of the existing base of traditional phone sales like the iPhone and others like RIM. It opens brand new territories for how we can use, modify, root, and then enjoy our phones and tablets. Suddenly the prices lower for the devices because the carriers don’t need their subsidies. If you want that world though you can get it with carrier subsidized Android phones as well with the fancy Sense skin on it.
  • Finally, choice. Choice is a powerful drug and the platform has seen what it can mean. But choice not intelligently planned is chaotic. No direction or focus to it. You are left to making the choice without the power ingredient of information and how technology can show you a path.

What a wondrous world with little green robot guys running all around!








I won’t even speculate what it means for tablet dynamics. Phones are one thing; but tablets are the major computing platform. Flood the market with cheap Google Nexus tablets from multiple vendors. By 2015 the old, tired, legacy single vendor model will fall apart. There are models which already show this happening now. By adding in the Nexus Marketplace or whatever it will be called all the forces come together. HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sony. Whoever. They all can play in a open market and have their Nexus devices participate.

Speaking personally, I will never buy another phone which has a skin on it which detracts from what I believe is the beauty of the AOSP experience. No more HTC Sensations. No touchwiz phones. Now all that remains to sit and watch. This future is a googley thing and as JR points out in the article, its already started.

Hang on tight and keep your iPhones inside the car at all times or we’ll replace them when you ain’t looking.