One of the 99

I’m one of the 99 and The Occupy * protests are not part of the 99 percent that I’m part of. Maybe they used to be before they started hoisting bricks at people in San Francisco, destroying property in Oakland, and generally making themselves less and less relevant by simple acts of destruction. You want to make the rest of the 99 be receptive to your cause, support your protests? Well, stop hurting other people and their property. Your rights of self-expression end at the tip of my nose.

I’m basically tired of the 99% which think that its okay to stage a protest, hurt people, and then say how they’re part of the 99. You are not part of the 99. If you were, you would be helping children in the US that go hungry. You would aid the homeless. You would reach out to the Vets of all wars.

Instead you just cause irreparable harm and you make me think so much less of you and your questionable tactics. Here is what I say.

Stop hurting other people and fucking up their property and lives.