Skipping Stones









Every so often you skip a stone across water. If done successfully it creates ripples and circles showing the stone’s path across the water. Perhaps if you are good it leaves 4 or 5 or even 6 circles. Each of the circles has a beginning and end in and of itself. The circles rarely touch each other and the stone continues until it sinks to the bottom at some remote spot on the water.

We all have circles and sometimes maybe they do touch and we see the pattern to it all; but I think most of the time we’re too anxious to move along to the next spot. Work, home, family, personal life are circles. Sometimes the circles are well-formed and intricate and the stone leaves a great mark as it passes on to the next. Other times, the circles are ragged and the stone acts glad to leave that particular circle for the next chance at making a better mark.

I think none of the life circles are ever as perfect as the ones above in the water. The stone strikes too hard, too soft, or we miss the mark.

There is always time to pick up another stone and learn.