Be known by your works

The Bible says that. In the past few years of work, I never really felt connected to the work I did. At the previous place, work seemed to be focused toward mere survival at a place which I am sure shares a surreal level of dys-function and still does I bet. Its funny that people that proclaim all the right things over and over again; are mostly guilty of all the wrong things when practice makes perfect.

I finished a project at Microsoft today which was difficult, stressful, but finally I felt that rare feeling. I had accomplishment and the team thanked me more than a few times. Normally, I would be leaving the place since the contract is over. That’s not the case though. There is another project falling upon me there so I will stay for a few more weeks.

I’ve interviewed at a few places but it appears that this rather large maker of network routers and switches will offer me something totally cool around Linux and VMware. These are places I’ve played for years and to be invited almost immediately for a follow-on interview in person bodes well for me. In the new place, I would evangelize Linux solutions in particular, assist internal business units move to virtual environments, manage IT projects which built up the paradigm for virtualization using VMware. I also get to run Linux there as a laptop or desktop OS. Because, well, everyone else does there with the group I would be supporting. My boss hopefully to be told me there is not much Windows except for in virtual sessions. Yay!

Its a nice contract too with decent pay, not a bad commute; and most of all its Linux! But not an open source company. I probably will never work for another open source company again. Been there a few times. Supporting Linux for a company that uses it to their advantage I like. Trying to make it a business is hard work folks.

There were some trick questions during the interview today. The manager asked me:

What’s your favorite Linux distribution? Debian? yeah, I like the rpm-based ones too.

We stopped there and he waited. I laughed and then he admitted that it was a test. I’ll be supporting mostly Centos and Ubuntu systems which is fine with me. I know them. Hell, its Linux. I get to advise and assist and evangelize Linux virtualization to internal customers and businesses.

Man… Very f’ing cool.

But the main thing is; thanks to Microsoft. Thanks to the guys there that gave me so much to be thankful for. After a few job endeavors which were miserable, Microsoft came along and supported me, made me feel good about myself, and then let me do the job. All of this happening while going through a divorce and its feelings.

Amazing. Thanks guys at Microsoft IT! You all rule.

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  1. “Man… Very f’ing cool.” – 😀 😉
    I guess that feeling spreads… more than anything else

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