Riding the Rails

After 27 April if all works as planned, I’ll be hopping on the Amtrak Coast Starlight.









But where should I go? North? South? Or should I join to another one of the rail corridors? I’m thinking of riding up to Seattle with perhaps a stop in Portland first. I’ve ridden to Portland before and the scenery is breathtaking. Its another 3 hours or so up to Seattle. I could then hop the Vancouver train on the Amtrak Cascades Line.






I could actually hop the Cascades line before Seattle and ride on up to Vancouver as well. I’ve not done that line ever before and that could be interesting as well.

What I’m really after though is not a destination. The destination is a by-product of the leaving. The real thing is what happens within the departure and arrival. My friend Art and I talk about train travel a lot and I always enjoy telling him about a trip I want to take on the rails. The gain from traveling via the rails is the ease and relaxation and speed. The world goes by you at a speed you can account for. You can sit and rest in a booked room or wander and talk with others. Eating can be fun too.

Coming back, I would cash in some flyer miles on United and let them upgrade me to business class from Seattle or Vancouver. That’s easy to do too. Flights are rarely full and I have a set of miles which is like cash in the flying bank. I will save miles for a trip I want to take back to Asia.

No matter what; its getting away from here. Saying “Sayonara” to what happens around here. The only thing that could stand in the way is another contract. I have some interesting options there and I may not get the trip after all. Luckily, traveling by rail normally does not mean booking in advance that much.

I’ll decide on the parameters as I go. Where I stop, what I do. How it all works. I may book the trip in segments. Don’t know and it don’t matter.