Finished today!

A milestone was reached. The Microsoft Project GANTT chart went to 100% for almost every deliverable. A feeling of accomplishment and pride was given. Kudos were handed out by the PMO team lead, by my manager, by our Lab and data center manager. We finished! We moved 1100 servers, survived all kinds of unusual issues. Had critical staff depart at various times. In the end, we finished.

I think its fair to note that at CustomWare I never felt a single moment of accomplishment in looking back. Everything was stolen from me by the blame factor that seemed to hover over my head. I could not do right for forever doing wrong. Customers though told me how much I was appreciated and would be missed. Intel, BMC, Symantec. It makes a lowly project manager feel good. I once noted that a project manager should never get a 10 rating but a developer or architect should get close. The reason for this being that project managers should not become favorites by customers or clients. They should maintain a degree of friction to ensure that the hard things are accounted for. These things seem to be the lingo we all talk as PMs:

  1. Risk.
  2. Change.
  3. Scoping.
  4. Requirements.
  5. Cost.

These all come together in projects. I mentioned to our senior PMO lead at Microsoft that I had never managed a project that did not have associated risk. Its true though. Without risk, you don’t have avoidance. Without avoidance you don’t understand the scoping. With no scoping, requirements go all bonkers. With no locked in requirements; cost goes crazy. There is a continuum and a lifecycle of a project. They have stages that they enter and leave and sometimes they go backwards or jump forwards.

Anyways, its been a lot of fun at Microsoft. It meant more than mere survival for me. It gave me back something I had been missing.