Jobs is jobs

I’m down to my last two weeks at the current place so about a week ago started interviewing. I went in to a rather nice place to work in San Francisco downtown that I would enjoy. They are a pretty established looking company but refer to themseles as a “technology start-up”. First question was whether I had ever worked at a start-up before. So I trot out the history.

Then I get told that this major technology company which does auctioning would like to interview me. That job has only 4 requirements and tomorrow I’ll interview for it. That’s a 12-month contract. I don’t know that I really want the contract. The work starts out with a data center migration. I’m just getting done with one that has had a number of issues. It takes a great deal of focus and planning to do one justice. I found out that I needed all the months to actually let things proceed at even a semblance of normal.

I also find out tomorrow at 3pm if the other guys want me. They would want me to start on 1 May or so and my last day is 21 April. Looks like it will be time to hit the road between 22 April and 30 April. I want to do this easy train trip from here to Seattle and then on to Vancouver BC. When I get done in Vancouver, I’ll fly back down. If the auction company wants me, I guess I would start immediately or something. Both pay really well.

There are choices and then there are choices to the whole thing. I would not mind being off and hitting the road for a week or so. Riding the rails is still the thing I like doing here. It slows things down and lets you sit there quietly watching the scenery unfold.

More on this tomorrow.