Work, Play, Ideas, Rust

Life comes in flavors. A friend once told me rarely are all of the sides of life in perfect unison. We have the personal thing, the family thing, the work thing. Each marches to its own desires. But I don’t believe they ever hit the same stride. We’re just not that perfect so one of the things always seems to lag behind and the other things take off. I’ve been a victim of more than one being attacked at the same time and that’s miserable. I’ve been weighing how each of the things interact with the other a lot lately. Living at home in the midst of a divorce that our daughter really refuses to relate to is hard. Our daughter knows what’s going on and what has gone on for years. Tearfully she asks me never to leave. This is difficult for me at the family and personal level. The scales tip with the weight added.

Then the work thing becomes nicer for me as multiple big companies have expressed interest and I really want this one start-up job which would let me do product management for this rather cool cloud offering. I won’t jinx things and name company names. The other is this large auction site. You all have probably used it for something in the past :-). To make the work thing raise the bar, I want the first one and not really the second. We shall see.

Lets look at play next. How do you all play? What do you do to take yourself out of yourself? I go for walks every day. The walk transcends all the other things and lets me focus on the steps. One in front of the other. Turn, look, relate selfishly only to me. But I figure I need this time. Its both play and work. After walking sometimes for almost two hours, I feel a certain cleansing thing working. On Fridays, I walk at work sometimes and end up at a Togo’s eating a sandwich or eating in the car believe it or not. I like to sit in the old car, eat my sandwich, listen to music. I also like to play around with Linux and Android. Installing Debian on things is fun to me. I don’t need some soupy GUI-filled gore at home when I have everything at a simple level on Linux. Things that I want just work. I can click on links and even click on sites that warn me that my Windows computer may become infected. On Android, its fun to read the news on XDA about custom ROMs I like to flash. I like reading news on the weekends at a Starbucks on my Xoom tablet. The Xoom wifi model with 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich on it is a much nicer play (and even work) experience.

Finally, there is the combination of work and play which results in ideas, plans, formulations. I know at some point I will move out whether my daughter wishes it or not. Because at some point, I will do what’s right for me and not others. I’ll decide to make a change and create new ideas in my life. I guess though I am not strong enough to make the change. I still love the kids and even the house and the dog, rabbit, even the cats. So, my ideas stay here and I plan instead on vacations or trips that take me away. Such are the things ideas are made of. Wishes, goals, plans.

Finally, there is rust. The best metal rusts and oxidizes. Such is our path too. We cannot sit too long in a place without this occurring. We are not metal statues. We’re innovative spirits which want to taste wind, sun, rain. For me, its travel. I stop rust by hitting the road. Airports greet me and I always think about shining my metal suit and heading to Japan. Japan is the destination for me which clears away the rust and lets me see a wondrous country that maximizes the old while building the new.

Such it is. Our lives which combine in unique ways to reinvent us each day.