Rainy Day Saturday

Weather here is rain basically. We seem to be making up for almost summer-like weather in December and January with more rain now. Seasons are all screwy.








Means rain will be with us through today it appears.

Its also Saturday morning after my evening libations. Last night I drank Sapporo beer which always takes me back to Japan as I sit in the command and control center here. Really nothing to command and control. My daughter does not really take that kind of direction any more unless I take her out to eat somewhere. Then I can continue to tease her with no mercy. After awhile though she gives up on it and goes off to find something else

I was also sitting here considering the end and beginning of new things. My current contract ends now in late April. I’ve enjoyed the work there quite a bit and its given me sanity. I have a few possibilities and just finished a interview with an interesting company that have invited me to the next step which is a in-person interview in SF. This is a full-time job and not consulting. Not sure whether I want that or not. I’m actually hoping that the current company can cook up something else that will give me six months to a year of contracting with them. Microsoft is a good employer and working in their IT organization is no different than working in any other IT group. Same challenges, personalities, dynamics. IT groups are rather strange by their nature since their customers are other internal groups. It makes for an interesting dynamic. I have been told I made the current project succeed so I hope that going forward my management team will write good reviews when or if I move on.

Phone Upgrades

Its time for me to upgrade I feel. I have had the Sensation phone for a year almost now. It still is quite satisfying but I get tired of HTC posturing its Sense solutions over what I consider to be a vastly superior AOSP. So I bought this phone:








I will qualify for an upgrade from Tmobile in another 3 months as well so I will probably get the newly announced Tmobile G4X which is not the LG thing but will be the Tmobile branded version of the HTC 1x. The 1x is the new flagship set of phones that HTC is hoping gives it its place back at the head of the herd. They’v e rumored that this phone will not have Sense on it. I’m still waiting to see how the whole root thing works on it. I won’t do the HTC Dev thing because unlocking the boot loader does not equal the freedom of S-OFF whatsoever. HTC gave us a half-way solution to me with this unlocking thing. I want the phone to be mine and not have HTC tracking when I do things with it.

I don’t know that I will stay with Samsung but I do know that I like the Nexus line because it promises only AOSP and full functioning.

Debian versus Ubuntu 

I’ve read that Ubuntu is getting ready to release Ubuntu 1204. I’ve left that camp after some years of following each release. I don’t like the weight of the distribution on my older ThinkPads. On my T60 it labors to run Ubuntu with Unity and going without Unity makes little sense to me when I can just follow a distribution which rolls and never releases which is what I really want. Debian Testing does just that for me. It never finishes. Releases come and go every few years for Debian; but Testing is Testing.

Definitely stick with the one you use. I cannot use RPM based distributions at all. I seem to be able to break those. I have principles against Oracle and RedHat Linux but that does not mean you should not use what fits. The most thing is to use and even abuse Linux. Make it yours. Break it, fix it. Perhaps do those things in a VirtualBox guest though 🙂


So its still raining and I am somewhat dreaming of other days. I remember waking up in so many different places on the first day there. Chennai was one of my favorite places to wake up. The sunrises always astounded me looking out the window of the Raintree Hotel. Singapore got light later when it was fashionable I think. The streets were clean. I could walk anywhere. Tokyo could start with rain showers but by noon time it would change and I could venture forth on a daily walking trip.I remember a few trips to Japan like the last one to Kyoto that really were highlights. I enjoyed Kyoto immensely.

To say I miss all that would be an understatement. But I also understand there are challenges here to keep. Miles to go before I sleep.