Damn, Deepak was right

So I lasted this time some bit of time longer without blogging. But, its like social constipation. I start getting full and there is no outlet. The blog is gone. Blech. So I decide lets get it going again and I realize that my friend Deepak will say:

“Told you so”

Okay. So you were right πŸ™‚

A few other updates…

Since I’m back, I’m gonna wax poetic on a few things. I’ve seen the new iPad. It looks impressive but it suffers basically from the same thing that all of Apple’s products end having. Its like the promise before the release and the hype. Then when you wait for the “precise and beautiful” it never really is what they have said it would be. It can have the nicest display and the fastest processors and the best graphics. But you still need an iTunes to make it zing. An ex fanbois told me its not the OSX, the IOS, the iPod. The entire ecosystem at Apple is iTunes. Really kind of sad. At its best its a lousy media manager. At its worst, it keeps all your devices in perpetual slavery. Sorry guys. I’ll always opt for a mp3 player that becomes a USB drive and I can do an rsync command on.

Marriage is almost over. Lets be honest here. It was probably almost over years ago when I got back from India then. Someone asked me if I had known then would I have opted out of the year or so in Chennai? No f’ing way. I learned something that would have been hidden from me. I saw the true grit of a person. August 16th is my last day and then I get whatever of my life is left back. I get to find something within myself that’s worth it and get passionate. Somewhere along the line I lost all that. Perhaps its in the 66% of marriages that fail when you are on your second one.

I took a second job doing release management for a small company here. I will earn enough to buy some stuff I want and it protects me from android starvation. Face it, new phones are coming out and later this year I will ship off the Sensations I have to some friends in Chennai and most likely move to the Β new HTC G4X which will run a vanilla AOSP build by default. Deepak, you are gonna have to wait until May and then we need to figure out how I can get the HTC Sensations to you guys πŸ™‚

One last thing. I got to see my friend Art Tyde this week. We had lunch at work and it was so nice. It had become the reality before that I saw Art more in Singapore and Japan than here. We got to catch up, talk about technology, life in general. Very nice.

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