Zen beats

Life is a drumbeat of pace, rhythm, soul, desire, fulfillment. With a vicious circle that swings around on you and makes you just want more. It laughs at you just out of your reach. Make you want things you cannot have and have things you don’t want. Then it becomes all serious and your life sinks like a stone and you rise like the reds and oranges of a chennai morning.

Soon though you have reached the zenith. Then you know that the zenith is just a momentary stop to another climb and descent. And such is life as well as this blog. This blog has no purpose. It’s Zen is to only humor me, let me capture to it. So dear friends I have decided to end this blog. This is the very last post. Tonight at 10pm pacific I will do a graceful shutdown of gondor which is the host of this site. It’s a hard working debian testing server.

Thanks everyone for reading, contributing, laughing, crying. It’s been fun but I gotta run.

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