Daily Archives: March 10, 2012

Consider all

In life we’re given alternatives. Buy this phone. Support that computer maker. Wear these jeans. We can pick and choose our favs as well as our hates. We do it with the power of the pocketbook. I think we like choice. It’s the same with how our human landscapes work. People enter, stay, leave our orbits often by choice but sometimes by chance too. Some of my heroes were loners. Their life was not judged by its impact on others. Instead, they wished to take on life directly or person to person. I’ve long been convinced that all those social mongers who preach at me to be aware of the other person’s feelings are really full of shit.

Primarily they are full of it because no one can truly take on the aspect of another. We can’t and should not attempt to walk even a single foot in the shoes of another let alone a mile. I’ve also come to realize I don’t like the vast majority of people. Nothing against you all but you all have sets of problems, issues that are yours. Best left that way too I think.

I’m not saying this to be mean or egotistical even if I come across that way. We all truly live individual lives no matter how much you want to be the Social Man. It won’t work sorry. You all are bound in your individual lives and one day deaths. People enter and leave your orbits. You may let them in for awhile.

We are solitary soldiers of the universe. Churches, institutions all come and go. Your spark burns bright. But one day it will dim. Who is to say if you did lead lives of quiet desperation like Thoreau warned.

Take that home and smoke it.