A simple iJoy

First you take a iPod Classic 160gb that I had bought in Chennai some years ago to replace a failing mp3 player. I then discovered that it was very difficult to actually get music onto it unless I had iTunes somewhere. I had a ubuntu laptop only so had to monkey with gtkpod. What i really want is to hook up the ipod to a computer and run something like

rsync -aHpv --ignore-existing /data/mp3s/ /media/ipod/Music/

And not have to do fancy, smancy GUI magic. I wanted Rockbox!





In the past, with my iPod videos, getting RockBox on them was simple actually. Download the zip archive and unzip right onto the ipod. Pretty much done. So what’s the wonder there, you ask? Well, no more GUI tools to get the music onto it. No more stupid database. A simple command would do it. But here I had my iPod classic 160gb player which seemed invulnerable to rockboxing. Until I happened to find this. I have to admit to enjoying the iPod hardware but hating the native OS and its brainless method of trying to protect its garden against intrusion by other firmware really sucked.

But, hey, this is Linux and open source so knowing how smart ahd resourceful these guys are; it was a matter of time before I could rockbox my classic. It does wipe all the music off; but I wanted to do that anyways so I could rsync the fresh bits and bytes. So now, the music I have is getting rsync’ed to the Rocbox on my classic. No more stupid and hapless firmware on the Classic. I get the simple access like a USB drive, rsync and command line tools if I want, but most of all its another de-applefied device I own. Vast pleasure!

Reading about its functionality, it appears battery life might be a bit less with the Rockbox firmware compared to the native. Only 12 hours or so versus the 16 to 18 with the native crap on it. I figure its worth the few hours less to get rid of the MacinCrap on it and actually get some use out of it. I’ll always prefer using some command-line tool like screen and rsync to get music on a device versus using some GUI thing. Thanks to the guys that makes this possible. That write things that disrupt the norm. Thanks for Linux as the biggest damn disruption agent on the block. What it does, it does well. Mounts just about any file system, cracks the ipods. Makes life that much more fun in the evenings.