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Rainy Day Saturday

Weather here is rain basically. We seem to be making up for almost summer-like weather in December and January with more rain now. Seasons are all screwy.               Means rain will be with us … Continue reading

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Recruiters, Technology, and PMs

Since I am a consultant, I get the calls from recruiters telling me what a great match I am for “some position”. it seems there are a few basic statements I hear from them.             … Continue reading

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Xoom for a Year

I’ve had the Motorola Xoom for a year now. Its gone through a few software updates and then early this year it got the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update via over the air. Each update has made the Xoom more … Continue reading

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Work Things

I’ve been working for 4 months now for the so-called Evil Empire or the big software company of the North. Their name is Microsoft. People have asked how I could possibly go to work there. Lets be clear folks. There … Continue reading

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Damn, Deepak was right

So I lasted this time some bit of time longer without blogging. But, its like social constipation. I start getting full and there is no outlet. The blog is gone. Blech. So I decide lets get it going again and … Continue reading

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Zen beats

Life is a drumbeat of pace, rhythm, soul, desire, fulfillment. With a vicious circle that swings around on you and makes you just want more. It laughs at you just out of your reach. Make you want things you cannot … Continue reading

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Enter The Regular and Normal

Apple sues Motorola. Samsung sues Apple. Yahoo! sues Facebook. Apple just decides to sue ____________. Then _____________ decides to counter-sue for patent infringement. We find out next that Apple has registered patents for basic shapes like rectangles, circles and squares. … Continue reading

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Consider all

In life we’re given alternatives. Buy this phone. Support that computer maker. Wear these jeans. We can pick and choose our favs as well as our hates. We do it with the power of the pocketbook. I think we like … Continue reading

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A simple iJoy

First you take a iPod Classic 160gb that I had bought in Chennai some years ago to replace a failing mp3 player. I then discovered that it was very difficult to actually get music onto it unless I had iTunes … Continue reading

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Starbucks standing

I’m writing this using the wordpress android app on my Xoom. At a starbucks after deciding to split from work early today. My contract at Microsoft is down to about 5 weeks. I met with my recruiter and account manager … Continue reading

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