Times Like These

Dig it.

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The Foo’s always amaze me. ┬áBeautiful acoustic rendering. I know a bit about those “times like these”.

My friend Theo told me years ago that we would never see times like these again. That was when we dug human remain sites up in Redding and stayed in some historic hotel. We drank beer with the locals and construction workers who called us “stones and bones”. We laughed a lot, got way too drunk too many times and spent 10 hours a day digging. The sun blasted down there between Lassen and Shasta. We saw the PGE trucks pull up and the Native American monitor tell us what PGE really stood for. She told us laughing but serious,

Pirates, Graverobbers and Extortionists

Theo laughed and we joked about what it really meant. Yet each day the sun still blasted down on us. Archeology was always this fun mistress. She gave and took in equal measure. There was never another career and job and fun like that one.

And on it goes. The times like these.