Debian Less than Stable

Or testing for that matter.

I decided to go play with that dangerous boy that lives next door that breaks things. Its not so dangerous since I used to run this branch of things for years. There are bound to be new issues which arise. Things like before where suddenly one could not sudo because of a libpam issue. But this is all fun right?

It also means I get the full monte of the Gnome 3.2 experience and I started playing with the Extension Gnome website which lets you install Gnome Shell extensions from a compliant web browser. That would be any browser I am gathering besides Chrome. Firefox works just fine. Perhaps Iceweasel does too. I don’t particularly like the rebranded Firefox on Debian so I download the real thing and plop it into /opt each time. Mozilla is kind enough to compile a x64 version as well these days.

So, what’s next? Well there is the much anticipated Facebook Timelines thing which you cannot seem to opt out of no matter what you try. Facebook wants to show our development and evolution on their service no matter what we want. I’d like an option to go back to the other profile thing. Of course Facebook will not do this. They never really do what we all expect. Google+ of course is much better and there is a better clientele there like Linus, a lot of the Linux guys I know. It seems a better signal to noise ratio across the board. But of course we all stay with Facebook because they disappoint us.

Such is life on the internet meme.