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Happy holidays

Hope everyone¬† has a great holiday season. Be Thankful for what you have. Strive to be more. Look beyond. I’m also thankful. The last two years have taught me a lot. Don’t want to relive them but I’m glad to … Continue reading

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Happiness and Contentment

I had this discussion with my kids the other day. We were discussing whether we are happy or content and what the difference is. A member of my “in law” family once remarked she had never had a happy day … Continue reading

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Debian Less than Stable

Or testing for that matter. I decided to go play with that dangerous boy that lives next door that breaks things. Its not so dangerous since I used to run this branch of things for years. There are bound to … Continue reading

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[youtube_sc url=””] Always remembering Deanie the Weenie, Ernie the Burnie, Stan the Man and Andy the Dandy. Don’t know where you guys are, what you are doing, ¬†I think you all remember this song from the nights spent partying in … Continue reading

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A virtual potpourri of stuff… Work. I will have two jobs come Monday. I have a part-time gig now doing some data center management which is nice. Come Monday, this rather nice Fortune 50 software company likes my style and … Continue reading

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Boots on the Ground

Way back when, an archeologist instructor/professor I had would get tired of classroom shenanigans. He would be staring out the window at the beautiful New Mexico springtime and then look around at the books and lecture materials. He’d jump up … Continue reading

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Reading News

News reading is a hobby of mine at Starbucks on my Motorola Xoom. I’ve found a few good free market applications which render news in bits and bytes one can easily peruse. Here is my synopsis and relevant information for … Continue reading

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This is Post 1000

I’ve reached a new plateau of the not required and never necessary. This blog has reached 1000 posts. Another milestone in years, posts. This blog focuses on a few things which you probably have all guessed by now. Its all … Continue reading

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Its the Linux Man

I’ve been interviewing for work of late. Asked to write up this statement and that reason why I am the best fit for some job. Today I got a call from a recruiter who asked what I knew about Linux. … Continue reading

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