Crawling through Space and Time

After two weeks on the road in India, Singapore, and Japan; I’m crawling. I loved being on the road, sitting in airports where the only person I have to worry about is me. In a hotel room in Kyoto drinking a cold Sappuro beer and eating cheapo noodles. I seem to get back and the world crashes down to a set of realities I don’t really care for. I have been back now for about 5 days and I wish I were going again. I started looking at a trip next year to China already because there is this set of things I want to do which starts in Osaka Japan and goes on to China via flying, ferry boats, and railroads. This trip would be pretty cheap too since my primary cost would be borne by my miles.

Idea is to fly in to Narita Japan, Shinkansen down to Osaka and then catch the ferry that runs twice a week or so to China. It takes 2 days to get there and then I’d change modes and train it around China for some weeks. Not sure if they have a rail pass but it don’t matter.

At the end, I’d fly from Beijing to Narita and then head on back.

SCALE 10x Bound

I am going elsewhere in January of 2012. My favorite Linux conference and show comes up for its 10 anniversary then. I’ll probably fly down on the 19th and stay an extra day in Los Angeles visiting friends and enjoying the moments. I could also ride AMTRAK back or something. Just don’t have the plan set yet but I will be going. This is the 10x show and I am not gonna miss it. I think I made it to the first one or so with my bud DK while we still worked at Linuxcare. Then there were desks set up in a smallish conference room and perhaps a few hundred folks attended. It was a compendium of Southern California Linux user groups. Since then the show has morphed a few times but the taste of it has not changed. Its not like the vacuous and stupid Linux Expo we had for some years in San Francisco and New York or Boston. The first of those shows were funky, fun, different. You could see Linus walking the rounds then. It soon changed though into some kind of data center, big enterprise, corporate thing. The not-for-profits, those that actually further the goals of free software, were stuck in some other room or floor. The worst case was when the Open Office guys had no table or anything. The cool people at Debian loaned them space.

In the end the Linux Expo got what it deserved. Basically nothingness. Meanwhile SCALE goes on, attracts even more people, gets new people thinking about using Linux, teaches folks what it means and still keeps the show reasonable in cost. Yay!

I’m getting more excited about both trips. Just when I get back here and see the stupidity and ugliness of some of the realities, I simply cannot wait to leave again. Terrible and selfish I know. Perhaps that’s why I loved archeological fieldwork so much. Where else could I go, dig holes in the ground, drink copious amounts of beer, and hang with like-minded people at various and sundry cheap motels. It was the quite the life then too but I was away.