Back home

I had an interesting set of flights back home. First off, boarded the fully packed United Airlines flight in Narita and this guy sitting next to us was visibly impaired from either booze or drugs. He seemed to be a danger in a few ways so the crew decided to eject him from the flight. This meant a delay while finding his “needle in a haystack” luggage checked. Finally after sitting on the tarmack almost 2 hours we got the word that the flight plan had to be changed or updated. Another 45 minutes go by sitting in the plane.

Finally joy of joys! We take off and its a 8 hour flight with tailwinds back to Seattle-Tacoma Airport. I booked my tickets that way for some reason which I don’t recall now. In SeaTac they let us know the weather in SF was crummy. Flight delayed an hour or so. We then get about 30 minutes from the airport and we end up in circling around Mendocino area waiting for a storm or weather condition to clear. Finally, an hour later we got clearance to land.

On the BART and back home and its raining all the way. No one to meet me at the station and its about a mile hike to the house. I got $5.00 US in my pocket and offer it to a taxi. The guy takes mercy on me and I get home dry. My daughter then lets me know her Windows 7 laptop has a virus. The Win32 Blaster virus which just will not come off. It sticks itself to DCOM and other stuff and basically stops you from launching anything. Spent about 2 hours so far on it and now I’m cleaning the drive with it plugged in to another Windows laptop. If it ain’t gonna work, I’ll have to re-install the whole f’ing thing. Blech.

Who ever said that the best part of traveling was getting home?