On to Chennai

My last night in Singapore. Today I went for a 4 hour walk which included a beautiful colonial park. It took me about 2 hours to traverse the area since I wanted to try and see as much there relating to the Singapore colonial period. This is my last night here and then off to the changi airport for my flight onwards to India. I’ll take off tomorrow on an old friend on Jet Airways flight 9W15. This is the same flight I have caught for years.

Tonight I’ll head over to Bugis Junction for dinner and perhaps a pint of man soda down the street.

Fast forward to 545am. I met a charming Japanese teacher last night and drank a few beers with her discussing Japan, teaching Japanese to singaporeans, and life in general. Now I’m drinking the usual choc full of nuts coffee and considering the next entry in my trip. On to Chennai and friends there for five days. I’ll eat and drink, spend some quiet times reading. I enjoyed that approach all the time I spent there. Wireless will cost a bit there too.

Now I sit here in my little room considering all that has past, what comes next. Relationship faux pas, game changing events. So much is so different except for the choc full of nuts java juice and my sitting in a room waiting for another step to things.

Next blog post from Mylapore!!