Five Things to Do at My Next Job

There is always a next job. Like buying a car and for some buying a house or perhaps a laptop or smartphone…

  1. Remind the new CEO everyday that his sh*t don’t stink and he gets it all. I mean afterall CEOs got to where they are by being overly bright, perceptive, and entrepreneurial. Right?
  2. Tell my coworkers that they rule. Of course they rule. They all have been at the place longer than I have. They know you cannot use facebook and twitter because they are blocked. And no P2P networking either.
  3. Forget being so critical about things. Well, this will be difficult for me. I was born that way. Perhaps it comes from gently accepting things before and believing the BS I’ve heard like “we have your best interests at heart” or “don’t worry;be happy”. Well, the second one is okay I guess…
  4. Work as many hours as they want me to work without complaining. Well, of course I will work 80 hours per week and only get paid for 40 and not feel incented to complain.
  5. Be selfless in my acceptance of company guidelines and rules. I ain’t selfless. Rule 5 sucks big.

So, in short, next job I take I will be sure to interview them just as much as they interview me because a few of these just ain’t me. I’ll leave it up to your ideas about which ones are which. These are not listed in order of importance or significance so don’t go looking for any subliminal meaning in their ordering. If you do that, you will next go listen to the Beatles White Album backwards at 50% speed.

Perhaps the next job will be different. There are some interesting factors on the horizon. Suffice to say, I ain’t looking until I get back from India, Singapore,and Japan. By then, who knows. Perhaps the rules will have all changed and I will havea different 5 reasons and I’ll be doing just like RWR told me when I got accepted to graduate school.

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2 thoughts on “Five Things to Do at My Next Job”

  1. I think that most people looking for a job these days take what they can get. I do computer repair for many small business owners here in lakeland florida and they all have the same job pool to select from. Let me tell you that there is a ton of people looking for a job. Even with that said whether it be a computer networking repair job or just a desk job, it always pays to do a little resaearch about the company you are applying for.

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