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On to Chennai

My last night in Singapore. Today I went for a 4 hour walk which included a beautiful colonial park. It took me about 2 hours to traverse the area since I wanted to try and see as much there relating … Continue reading

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Singapore days

I got into Singapore yesterday actually. I got to the room at about 1am after the usual 10 minutes of customs at changi airport. It’s really nice to be back here. I spent today walking for about 4 hours walking … Continue reading

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In Tokyo!

One of my favS. Next stop Singapore tonight at midnight

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Traveling Even Lighter

I’m a light traveler type. A few years ago I found this wonderful site about how to plan out business or even leisure travel to maximize the enjoyment of the trip rather than worrying whether checked baggage would arrive, how … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Yet Again

On Saturday mornings, I roam the house alone for the most part. This weekend is rather special though. I pull the plug on this whole dys-functional thing and move to other realities I really enjoy. I searched the other day … Continue reading

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Recapping Android’s Arrival and Brilliance

In 2009, I wrote this blog post dear readers. I prognosticated that by 2012 Android would be pre-eminent as a mobile powerhouse. Back then I had a HTC Magic and would soon move to a HTC Hero. I’ve been a … Continue reading

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Sunday Disclaimers

Here it is Sunday the 16th of October. I have 10 days before leaving on my trip. Last night I found this minor issue with what I believe was the mistaken use of the command “apt-get autoremove”. I wanted to … Continue reading

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My Newest Travel Router

I wanted a small, portable, USB and AC powered travel router for awhile. The no antenna sticking out option seemed good too but it had to be able to take DD-wrt as a replacement firmware. Awhile ago, I found the … Continue reading

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Five Things to Do at My Next Job

There is always a next job. Like buying a car and for some buying a house or perhaps a laptop or smartphone… Remind the new CEO everyday that his sh*t don’t stink and he gets it all. I mean afterall … Continue reading

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SCALEing Linux by 10s

I’m really glad to have been a part of the Southern California Linux Expo down in Los Angeles almost since the first show. The first time I went it was not even called that and DK and I had a … Continue reading

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