Today Two Years Ago

Well, today two years ago I got back from three months or so in Chennai. Amazing that the time has flown by so quickly. That year, 2009, was a watermark year in many ways. Some personal. Some professional. What I learned was that I had mis-judged someone I spent years with. I got back and found troubling facts I’ve blogged about before.

On the good side, I learned that Chennai is my home and that I’m just spinning my wheels here. Chennai, with its horns honking, rain falling during the monsoon, lane discipline evaporating. My friends there. Its been a year give or take since I was there last. I miss it terribly. I miss Singapore and the folks there that took good care of me. Hauled me around to restaurants. Ensured I had enough beer to drink. I love Singapore too. The bustle and the international flavor of its city-stateness.

Most of all its the Linuxy thing I miss from both places. I miss working around Linux, being a product manager for it, supporting a team of Linux developers. Finally managing an inter-disciplinary team of folks which developed so many cool things and taught me so much about how it all works. I always feel complete for some reason around developers.

I’ll be back in October this year and then next year I will not wait another year to get back. I need what India offers. Its not only escape. Its finding. Finding myself in Mylapore with VJ driving me home either drunk or sober. Talking with the guys. Just being in the place where I call home these days.