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Enter LDAP

I started playing with openLDAP for some reason. Well, I wanted to build a multi-master replication for a customer I have which wants to replicate their primary datastore to a second ldap server. I really used this as a chance … Continue reading

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Time here, time there

I was hanging around after another one of the eternal evenings calls I seem to have for work. My work day seems to be actually two days. One day starts at about 730am and runs to 330pm. Then Sydney wakes … Continue reading

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Vacation Day 2011

Today was a vacation day for me. I packed up the car with my precious cargo which is my 13-year old and her required candy, chips, drinks. We headed on down the road first to IHOP to have pancakes. Then … Continue reading

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Minors Rants and Raves

Its a year ago give or take since the last time I was in India. There’s a lot of talk about corruption there these days but given the option or alternative, I’d still take Chennai any old day. I’m waiting … Continue reading

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The king of the Hill

Linux is probably the most fun operating system I have ever tried. Of the most fun, debian has to hold the top spot on a Linux distribution which is so much more than the sum of its parts. I count … Continue reading

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Saturday Streams

Its about 830am here in Union City where I live. I spent yesterday doing some things I really wanted to do at a personal level. I got to see Michelle for coffee and then stopped by Celestix Networks for some … Continue reading

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Same Times

Seems to me I’ve lived through the ebb and flow of work before. Sometimes it seems the challenges really aren’t that challenging; that the people strive too hard to be called team members. Maybe we get jaded with the whole … Continue reading

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The Lancaster Drive-In

In the way-back machine, we used to visit a Drive-In theater. Anybody remember them? They used to be the “bees knees” for young people on dates. I used to have a old pick-up truck I would drive and park backwards … Continue reading

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Let it be Friday!

Yes. Friday has arrived in this part of the world. Already come and gone in other parts. What is on the table for this Friday for me? Well, the whole HTC Sensation 4G scene has gone viral! Lots of ROMs, … Continue reading

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Android and Linux Thoughts

I read a number of developer and end user forums for Android devices. Its the way that people communicate basically. Two of them focus on completely different sets of devices around a worldwide hacking community at XDA and a user … Continue reading

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