Walking on a Sunday

I mentioned this in a previous blogpost or numerous. I walk for over an hour six days a week. Today is my first day back and I have “pet names” for the walks I do to distinguish them. I also save them on google maps using the Android Tracks application which gives me all kinds of details about the route, speed, time. The other thing I get from walking is a moving sense of my little piece of the world. On a Sunday morning I can participate first-hand in the weather, watch others preparing for church or social activities, or simply feel like some obscure part of the world. My thoughts, words, and deeds are not held in front of me for justification. Instead, I am the emperor of time and space. I own the world I walk through.

When I visit places which are “walking tour” places like Sydney or Tokyo or others; I chart out my day to see something but mostly I want to push myself a bit into walking for hours upon hours.

Sometimes I focus on relationships but lately I’ve let that go. More often, I think about work and what I expect of my work roles. Today it came to me that there is a satisfaction index with work. See if you agree.

100% satisfaction – you’re engaged, building, managing, developing, landing, taking off and its all total engagement. Perhaps you have made significant contributions to work flows, you’ve developed a significant software application, you’ve made a difference at a very positive level toward customer or internal stakeholder relations. Life is good.

80% satisfaction – room for improvement. Things perhaps suck but only at 20% of the time; rest of the time you are fully or mostly engaged and working toward a goal. You like the place, the people. You feel you are making contributions that are valued by the team.

50% satisfaction – wow. Well to only be happy or secure this much of the total time you should perhaps start seeking something else out. Life is too short to only be happy this percent.

0 to to 40% satisfaction – I think most people hover here and they have spikes that maybe take them out of the cesspool of a job which is not worth the effort but most of the time its a downer.

So rate yourself. How many times have you been at full 100%? I believe work by its nature in our society is demeaning, you are asked to sacrifice a few things and then you are told its for the “common good”. Things like time, energy, passion, belief. You are asked to give up these things and in return you will gain acceptance by fellow workers.

When did you have a job charged with passion? My belief is that for every 10 jobs we have 5 of them suck or we have to demean ourselves. Perhaps 3 of the remaining 5 die a horrible spin down death. Spin downs are the opposite of startups. I’ve been in spin downs before. Horrible life effect. Founders, CEOs, VCs they all hover around like well-meaning doctors diagnosing the patient. Sometimes its better to just let the poor little thing die like Levanta. More money will not save it. When you reach the end of this type of thing, only thing left is to move on. Finally you may find the 1 out of 10 which give you that mental masturbation you need. But too quickly it becomes what all the other jobs have done. Yes there is a continuum to the job force…

Then your life force simply drains… Remember what that was like? When  your life force sucked out?





Such is life. They have machines that suck it all out of you. Sorry to be a downer about work. If you are mentally masturbated; congratulations. Enjoy while you can gifted mortal.

I’ll just wait for my Monday walk and think more downer thoughts 🙂

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