Saturday Morning Pond Reflections

Its Saturday morning here in Union City. Last night I sat here drinking some cold Samuel Smith’s pale ale. I also worked on replacing my last Ubuntu system with Debian testing. This system ended up taking longer because I had to replace the motherboard and cpu. The old shuttle system I used for VirtualBox serving around the house died as well just before I backed it up. Bad luck all the way around. So today, I will replace the guest images I had built to serve up some wiki content on confluence which I reach by vpn’ing in.

Now its almost noon. Turner Classic Movie is on with the closing parts of Valley of the Kings made in 1954 with Robert Taylor. Its fun to watch this after watching so many modern documentaries on how modern egyptogology does its thing. Next up for my watching pleasure is Monster that Challenged the World. Another great movie to watch on the day of rapture.

Travel Ahoy

I downloaded some walking trails in Singapore I will partake of when there. I am in Singapore a total of 3 full days and want to see friends for dinners and the hotel I got is meant for evening crashing. If you have ever been to Singapore, you know there are bunches of things to do there. Places to eat, drink, and repeat if necessary. Everything from open air markets to elegant restaurants to brewpubs like Brewerkz. My friend Art and I have gone there after visiting one of the IT Malls like Sim Lim Square. Its interesting that I’ve met Art more in Singapore than when he comes back to the states for visits. Art and I seem to have also visited one of the most entertaining electronic zones. This would be the Akihabara district in Tokyo Japan. After walking through small stalls full of knobs and dials and components, you end up at the world-famous Yodobashi Camera Shop. I spent a day wandering there by myself in 2009; but alas did not take pictures then. I would say to go with Art to a IT Mall is a distinct pleasure and learning experience. Art knows these places and usually has a list or two of things he wants so we end up looking at all kinds of doodads and knobs and dials. Lots of fun to be had!!

After the trip to Singapore, I’ve gotten confirmation for my stay in Chennai, India. As I blogged, I’ll be staying in my favorite district there. Mylapore is a wonderful experience of shopping, people, arts, culture. Food is decent too and I’ll renew my friendship with a bar there which serves tapas style food called Zara as well as Copper Chimney. Walk past the Chennai opera house and you can see the fabulous Chola Sheraton across the street with the comfortable Durrant’s bar and Peshawri and then restaurants galore. But the real thing I want are the breakfasts and papers at the Krishna restaurant at the New Woodlands Hotel where I am staying. Each morning for 5 months or so I would eat there. The routine was the Times of India paper or a book, a cup of filter coffee, and a Masala Dosa or other delicacy. Dinners do not disappoint either. Very basic cuisine but the food is fresh and spicy and the Nan is to die for.

I still have too long wait and I think the trip will go by too fast. I’ll count the days and just patiently live through the stuff here waiting to go back home again. If I could only figure out a way to relocate there permanently… I’d gladly live in India the rest of my days.