Daily Archives: May 19, 2011

Trip Done… Excitement Begins

I got everything planned out for my pilgrimage to Singapore and India. In India, I will be staying at the Hotel New Woodlands in Mylapore. This is a great place and the total cost is what a room at the Raintree would have been for a single night. In case you happen to have read this blog way back in 2009, you’ll remember this is where I spent almost 4 months while living and working in Chennai. I’ll only be in India for about a week due to financial constraints and work needs. Most likely will get back and leave for Sydney in the next month again.

I also will spend about 4 days in Singapore to catch up with friends there. Looking very forward to a beer with Christopher and finding Wari and the support guys from Celestix. I had wanted to stay at the Royal Plaza on Scotts; but cannot afford it so found a cheaper places in Bugis to stay. I’ll be hopping the light rail in Singapore and going all over those days.

Unfortunately, I will miss Diwali this year and I missed it last year as well. Perhaps the stars will finally orbit correctly to allow me back the next year. I’d love to make this an annual migration to the city and country I would love to live in. India is my idea of a place that I could settle in as an ex-pat. Life is still reasonably priced and getting around the city is easy.