Daily Archives: May 5, 2011

Social Media adds Value

I’ve been around Linkedin for some years. I’ve used it to do job searches, do some research on companies, and find out what friends are doing now. But one of the other thing is that I’ve wanted to find this or that person which drifted out of my life. One amazing story is finding my childhood friend Mike. We grew up together in those bygone years. We would listen to music and pretend to be guitar and drum players. We had these dreams. Mike disappeared after I saw him in Okinawa while in the service there. We lost sight of each other for years. I tried various media. Finally, I found a story on him on a local paper in the Antelope Valley. I read it for a few days and finally decided to email the editor.

Now it gets really strange. The editor just happened to be Mike’s younger brother who I was also friends with. He then emailed Mike and told him and we had an email thing going. That’s dropped off though to no email for a month or so. What I think happens is that you really cannot go back again. We only remember the other person frozen as he or she was at the moment of the relationship. Life enters, makes changes.

I also found my friend for so many years Frank. Frank and I drank cheap wine, got put in jail together, listened to some great music and wrote poetry together. What a great number of years! But in Frank’s case; we still meet up on facebook and this one works.

Another interesting one are the friends which crossed my path during those wonder years of the dot.com when I worked at the GAP and Linuxcare. These people still stay in the orbits years later. In fact, one person; my friend Nan was the last GAP person to join Linuxcare and then Levanta. When I went back to Levanta for my year in purgatory; a bright spot was Nan and DaveR. I also hired or managed a great technical team from east to west coast. Unfortunately, Levanta had no real idea what it was, how it did what it did. Clueless. Totally clueless in San Mateo.

So the main message is that these social media sites do bring value. Linkedin is special in a few ways as its meant a way to find the people after years go back in varied technological endeavors. I’m at the edge of the dream in technology now. Its exciting and fun but I can see outside the circle. There is another circle; a wider one. I want to stretch the horizon. I need to get back to India for longer.