Daily Tai Chi Mechanics

Every day I go for a walk through a neighborhood park. The same two or three people do Tai Chi and I’m always captured by its fluid movements. In a quiet park, hearing the music, and seeing the slow progression of arms and legs in some beat with life makes the park that much better.

Today I did this walk I had not done before. It added another 15 minutes to the walk duration which was good. I’m up to walking about 60 to 70 minutes a day most days now. Some days I do this shorter 50 minute walk and then my last day of walking; my so-called “beer day” is a 4 mile walk which signals an evening of a few beers, some chips, and some time.

When I can kick back, no work email, no skype calls; all seems balanced for a night. I can get mildly drunk and perhaps I do the same Tai Chi moves for the refrigerator after a few Samuel Smith’s. Or perhaps the moves are more desperate and needy where the true Tai Chi mechanics exercise at a fluid and free pace.

I’m using this google android application called “tracks” which lets me measure and track my progress on a walk and then load the maps I create to my profile at maps.google.com. Very nice and basic functionality that I really like. I’ve tracked a number of my walks. Probably the nicest use of my G2 phone though was in Australia with a data plan the company provided. I used Google Maps to help me find the way back a few times to my hotel, to a departure point I had to find for a bus tour, and to find restaurants. GPS is nice. If my phone wants to remember where I was yesterday, okay. As long as it can tell me where I’m going today 🙂 I’m not such a privacy head where I worry about things. There are the things I do worry about like bank access, credit card theft. If my phone wants to keep some record of the places I have been, okay.

Sorry privacy gurus. It just don’t matter when I’m doing my Tai Chi Mechanics.