My Friend Ned

This post actually goes back to another company, in another solar system, in a galaxy far far away. This galaxy was filled with KP startup money, a lot of Linux and open source creds, and a little strategic line of business that “could”. Back then at Linuxcare, I came on as the second real employee after the three founders. I first did support for Linux there but after some months moved to building a new line of business which was P and L oriented called Linuxcare Labs. If you carefully search on google images you can find pictures of us at a show in North Carolina.

Anyways, the idea about the lab was to build industry standard certification approaches for major OEMs, software, and integration vendors. I built the lab from a state of nothingness into something and then back to nothingness when LXCR changed its focus. I needed a person though which would be there for me through thick and thin. Someone with impeccable Linux credentials that could write their around BASH shell scripts, deal with customers like Dell and IBM, and also be critical in their thinking. Enter Ned Bass. Ned fulfilled the requirements to a tee and did even more. At critical moments, I needed to be on the road after signing a major deal with Dell Computers to certify 54 different product lines on 4 Linux distributions. This meant hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for us and it also built our credibility with yet other customers and paved the way to new deals with HP and IBM. 

The job was a lot of fun folks. New hardware, working with some really cool and knowledgeable hardware types in Round Rock, dealing with program and marketing managers at the different lines of business. My friend Sean Castagna (can’t stand ya) and I traveled continuously to Dell for meetings. We had a number of memorable evenings there drinking too much beer, eating too much BBQ, and preparing for meetings with Dell.

But Ned was the mainstay. He was the foundation of the lab and was sturdy, in command, and ready to excel at a moment’s notice.

I bring all this up because Ned at 36 years of age had a heart attack. This is notable and should be a positive thing for you 2 or 3 readers out there. This can happen to anyone folks. Take care of yourselves. If the Doctor says you have high blood pressure which leads to strokes, high cholesterol which leads to other bad things, are hypertensive; take note. Do the steps. Take the medication. Lower the weight. Thank goodness we sitll have Ned with us.  Here’s to you Ned!

Heed the warnings though. Be agile in your life. Do it for yourself.