First Day at Scale 9x

It was old friends day at SCALE in Los Angeles. Ran into my friend DavidM who I worked with at Linuxcare who now works at Canonical. Ran into my friend Jim Dennis who has forgotten more about Linux than  I will ever know. Spent time with my friend David Kaiser today talking. I sat through a few papers; but to be honest I come here to see the folks and see how SCALE is progressing. This show is the best bar none of any open source show out there now. Even JimD agrees with the community approach, the dot.orgs, the every so often enterprise or corporate sponsor. As JimD said today, its what Linuxworld Expo could have become way back when before its morals were corrupted. Unfortunately, money stained its cloth and it turned its back on the very org’s that made Linux into what it was.

Tomorrow I’ll do two papers and then head to the airport around 5pm for my evening flight. I’ll think about the quality of community, users, and developers I met this time. I had a “pickup lunch” today with 3 open source developers who participated with web, database, and other programs. Very cool and interesting lunch discussions.

Now I’m cooling the jets with a few beers. Not going to the bar again tonight. I need the night of my own before heading back to the place that I call home. Back to work then.

Cool Beans at SCALE 9X

Where I am in Los Angeles at the LAX Hilton. Met up last night with my friend DK. We sat in the bar when this rather beautiful young woman sat next to us. Memorable question of the night to the woman: What do you do for a living? She says: I make people feel good. Before that she asks if any of us have a medical marijuana card.

She leaves and we all look at each other. Then we laugh. We know and I think she knew what we knew. 

Now I’m just waking up after my first of two nights. Watching SnoCal news and having the same but different coffee chock full o nuts for my morning jolt of caffeine. 

Where would I have rather awakened? Singapore would have been nice. I would have headed out to dinner to one of the many food stalls and then headed out for a night of music. Maybe met AFT at Brewerkz. Or gone to a IT Mall. Setuid, everyone speaks english there. Head on out dude! Or I would have chosen the Raintree Hotel off St Mary’s Road in Chennai. Then I would have opened the curtains and saw the golden, red, violet colors of the incomparable Indian sunrise. Or perhaps Tokyo. Where it gets light so early in the day and you can see the traffic picking up, people attending to their affairs.

These are all international affairs though. I’m at the HIlton Los Angeles Airport though. So I will make the most of SCALE 9X and get ready for some needed food infusion. I’m not really counting what I eat this weekend. Its my time to just enjoy. I’ll post this evening on my day’s Linux activities.

Take care all.