Heading out to SCALE 9x

Kinda reminds me of my blog posts in the travel category where I’d write a blog post before leaving Singapore on the morning Singapore Airlines flight to Hong Kong and then back to SFO. I always enjoyed writing those posts in the early morning in my hotel room at the Changi Village. This time though, I’m up early for a day of seeing friends over at Celestix Networks, doing some kid logistics, and then leaving around 4pm for the airport so I can fly down to Los Angeles for 2 days and go to SCALE 9x. Woot! I’ll get to see friends down there, listen to some engaging papers, and otherwise drink beer, eat more than I should, and relax. I don’t really do all that much at the shows there. Its more about me getting away from some of the BS here I have blogged recently about. I know the conference organizers and have gone almost every year. I’ll see my friends Pat and DK and we’ll talk Linux, data centers, and life. Probably in that order 🙂

Take care all. Will be blogging in the travel and linux categories next two days. Next up, I go on my long walk and then over to Celestix Networks to see the folks there for awhile.