Daily Archives: February 11, 2011

Friday Means WFH

Hello all of blogdom! Welcome at least here in the good ole US to Friday. Congrats to Egyptians everywhere. You have found the cost of freedom. The news is astounding and we are seeing political, social, cultural change happening in real-time. Very cool. I just hope that the sacrifices made pay out and that the “peeps” everywhere get the thing they deserve. We take some of the freedoms for granted so much in our heralded western world. I am hoping that everyone joins in, makes real change happen now. Remember the words of the bard: 

There is nothing so constant as change

Today is a WFH day. I put in extra hours at work this week getting some deliverables for internal projects fleshed out a bit. Its also Friday which is my BEER day. My day to kick it back a notch, revel in the beerdom. Think about where I’m at, where I want to go. CustomWare has been a positive force in my life friends. Work is good there. We’re a small office and I so enjoy working across timezones. I guess the hours required across evenings don’t really bother me that much anymore. Doing services plus being invited to manage internal software engineering scores high on my dance card. 

I’m really very sorry for the folks at Celestix Networks. It truly sounds like hard times there. I hate to sound even a bit selfish. I’m glad to be the f**k gone from there. I don’t think I would have lasted anyways past last September but with some of the stuff there; its good to be gone. I still love that company and what it might have been. Last August was the final piece for me though. On the bright side, they sent me to Chennai, India for 7 months in 2009 and I got to basically live there, work there, eat there, drink there. Get friends there. Very rich and rewarding. I am hoping to be back this year around October or so. Just in time for Diwali.

In other news, I am sooooo glad to not have to really run Windows OS’es, support Windows OS’es. I have banished my Windows to its deserving place which is in a window on a real OS. It does well there; all contained and managed by Linux and VirtualBox. It does not deserve to be let out in the real world. Its been a bad boy. Even Windows 7 sucks. Maybe as bad as MACs suck. MACs suck for so many reasons starting with the “I” and ending words like “MAC”, “pod”, “phone”. Let us move beyond mere silo’s dear mortals. We deserve to own our lives as well as our gadgets and not just rent them from the iStore.

The new android tablets are going to challenge the muffed up iPad next. I’m aiming for the new Tmobile tablet running Honeycomb. Never will own another Moto anything again. The wave is here for android things. Just like with phones, the Android tablets will soon converge and win the landscape. Its not because there are more apps. Its because there is more choice.

Hooray! I love Fridays. Next stop; BevMo 🙂