New Linux Toys

Well, I’m done with the complaining for awhile. Like RWR says, what’s the use? Gotta move forward. So in the best interests of moving forward with new projects, I present to you two new little techno-toys I plan on playing with. First up is the Dlink-323. This amazing little device will hold a few SATA drives and do some stuff. But the real fun comes with hacking it with these tools.

So this looks like it will be fun. I’ll first plop in a few drives, install the fun plug script and its little tarball of programs. Then I reboot the device and whammo! I get a full fledged linux server that is imminently usable as a NAS device, web server, rsync target. Coolio.

Next up in my list of smaller than average devices that run open systems is the Pogoplug. This little Marvel(l) is able to just about do anything that a bigger computer can do with a cute little foot-print.

So cool and cute! I’ll just plug it in and then decide how I want to hack on it. Then I found the openpogo website. Well, count me in. Two new devices, two active communities that will show me how to hack these things into different things. Two cool things running Linux are too cool 🙂

Now I need to wait for the things to arrive. I think I will go screw up my Windows 7 box by installing something on it.