Job Opportunities in the Digital Age

It used to be one had to get accounts on all the leading job boards like dice, hotjobs, careerbuilder, monster. Each one would send you their alerts by email and you could go through each one. Sometimes the job was listed multiple times on different boards and I got caught applying for the same job through multiple recruiters. This basically cancelled out my job application and made the recruiter rather unhappy.

These days I do it all differently. Instead of trying to visit each job board site, I use a collector called to provide me daily alerts from all the job boards. This means I get a single email on my search criteria. You click on the link and it takes you to the job you need to apply for. Some or most area actually hosted on the various websites above but I think that this is a labor saving device when searching for work. You still have to register to actually use the job board which requires some manual intervention but I never select to get daily email alerts from each one any longer. The real job when you are out of a job is looking for a job. I figure I spend 4 hours each day on looking for the next great opportunity.

So how is it looking for work in the fabled Silly Icon valley? Its still hard and I think there are multiple hundreds of people all applying for the same jobs I do. With that number my chances fall off considerably unfortunately. Competing against 499 others is very hard. I do have a few decent recruiters who help me out a bit though and try to distance me from some of the competition.

Based on all this, there are 3 or so things needed for a positive job search at least for me:

  1. Remain positive. Its too easy to get discouraged; feel like you are not wanted. That’s dangerous for anyone and it takes you immediately down. The truth is that a lot of people are looking for work and have been. I am not alone in searching and there are numbers here who have given up. Its all very frustrating; but one has to keep the positive vibes going.
  2. Keep on keeping on. I have to keep on going. I have to find new ways to apply for work, to single out my accomplishments, to redefine what I do. Its important to me to leverage what I am, what I have, what I wish and channel those energies into what I want next. As I mentioned, the job search is the job. I get disillusioned at times as well. Many factors contribute. Family issues, relationship things. But I have this keeping on goal which is out there for me. Brings me to the last thing…
  3. Goals and Ideals. Keep the goal in mind. What is it that you want? What are the milestones and deliverables to get there? I did not have a plan for a year after returning from a long stay in Chennai. There were multiple factors and issues confronting me. It took me a year to find the path. Now I feel I finally have defined the set of goals and ideals of where I want to be, how I go about getting there. All of this is so very important when searching for work.

Combine all three things folks. I try to bring the best of the things to my searches each day. I know I’ll find the next good thing. Perhaps just around this corner or the next one. If you are searching for a job consider the combined job boards. I mentioned There is also and there are a few in India I use.

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