Interesting OOBE

So, I was part of an interesting set of posts on facebook. A previous work colleague purchased a NexusOne phone and was completely disappointed. Alex said it did not do what he thought it would, the OOBE (out of box experience) was not what it should be, etc. This gave me a lot of room for thought. I came up with this fact. If you want a OOBE, then buy a consumer android phone like a Droid X or 2. For heaven’s sake don’t buy a developer phone that google is selling directly and then complain that it does not do this or that. We all knew when we purchased the NexusOne it was not some consumer thing. It was an experiment by google. Perhaps one that did not succeed. Yet the phone is a wonder after you apply the froyo update or root it and install CM6 or a Modaco ROM.

Don’t come complaining about the N1 and its OOBE. Because it ain’t got one. You want a OOBE and want a consumer device, go buy a Motorola Droid or something. Wanna play with ROMs, root the phone, install new MODs, make it do strange and wondrous things? Get a N1. Still.

Its a stupid idea that somehow the N1 will compete as a consumer device. You all know the consumer-ish phones. Samsung makes one. Motorola make a few. HTC seems to do this for some with the Sense UI on them; but the new G2 will be a basic Froyo build. I say hurrah! I’ll take something with no OOBE and then place my own POOBE (Perry out of box experience) on it.

Go buy an iphone or something and jailbreak it. Mkay?