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Goodbye Xmarks

Well, this does not make me too happy. I’ve been a happy foxmarks and then xmarks user for some years. Its meant the ability to travel and share bookmarks with all my computers running firefox. Then I happened to read … Continue reading

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Worky Work

Its been over a week of the “no job” thing. Last time I did this was at Levanta when I was told after a year I was not a good fit. I think what I figured out about Levanta was … Continue reading

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Sad Day Today

Today was one of my running all around to stand still days. I had to pick up my daughter and her friends early because school had a minimum day. My daughter wanted to eat a special lunch so we did … Continue reading

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Richness of the Linux Console

Some  believe that to be a great application, a modern graphical user interface is a basic requirement. On Linux, we happen to have a rich heritage of console applications though. Everything from RSS feed aggregators to quite good audio players. … Continue reading

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Applying for Work

Its been roughly a week since I last worked. Been a pretty good one all told. I’ve been casting about a bit for work and have found some pretty interesting positions mostly at the consulting/contracting level. I’d probably take a … Continue reading

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Interesting OOBE

So, I was part of an interesting set of posts on facebook. A previous work colleague purchased a NexusOne phone and was completely disappointed. Alex said it did not do what he thought it would, the OOBE (out of box … Continue reading

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Maverick 10.10 Beta Thots

Just a few if you have an interest that’s perking up to try out the newest: Installation on AMD64 if you have an nvidia card requires some manual hackery. Select “nomodeset” by getting to the install boot loader and select … Continue reading

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Bye Celestix and Thanks

I join the ranks of the unemployed. I was at Celestix Networks for 2.6 years. I enjoyed the time spent there immensely and enjoyed most everyone I worked with and for. There are a few notable exceptions but being a … Continue reading

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Buh Bye and Hello

I’m done at one thing and just starting at another. Starting another chapter of my life. Getting rid of the rather annoying Windows 7 systems today and putting on ubuntu 10.10 beta which I think all considered is more my … Continue reading

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Two things

In a previous blogpost I said I would take a short break. That’s over because news is big. One piece of news has to wait until next week but the second confirms what I’ve felt for awhile about the power … Continue reading

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