Daily Archives: July 7, 2010

Night Away

I decided to take a night away from $HOME. I actually did not go that far but accomplished really nothing at all besides enjoying my own company for awhile. It appears I will be going to India in September for awhile. Yay!! I really want another trip back there this year to work out of that office, be with the guys, be in my “native place”. Truth be told, I feel more at home in Chennai most of the time than here. I’ll most likely stay at the Hotel New Woodlands for a few weeks and will enjoy the highlights and wonder of Mylapore yet again. If you have never been to Chennai, Mylapore represents the most interesting cultural blend, restaurants and nightlife, and I’ll get back to my friend that drives a auto there. I really want to get back.

In other news, my Nexus One Android Phone is happily perking along using the Modaco Custom ROM which operates on the latest release of Android. It seems to be much faster in regular operation but there are still some rough spots with things. I would expect nothing less from a operating system that is not done and will never be done. I looked at the new iPhone for awhile last night on the web and read some reviews. Is it really true that it actually sucks that much? Did you hear the rumor about the new miniPad which will be one inch in size and use OSX? Just kidding there fanbois. I’m always really shocked by the apple hardcore though who buy just about anything from them.

I’m working on a slipstreamed Ubuntu install which will have everything I commonly use in an image I can quickly deploy to new hardware. I have the AMD64 version done and I’ve tested it. Now on to the laptop one. I guess the pesky activation screens will not be bothering this project at all 🙂

I’ll be back home tonight. Back to the usual occurrences of life, kids, and home fun times. Yay. Blech.