One more Weekend

This weekend is the last one in Chennai. I’ll be spending it all at Goa at the sight of a historic Portugese fort. A place with two swimming pools and the beautiful arabian seacoast right there. I plan on setting up an ambitious level of non-accomplishment which will include ipod, music, books, and watching people. I am doing absolutely no tourism; no rushing to catch this or that bus, train, or plane.

I leave tomorrow at 430pm and will be at the resort hotel by 7pm. It’ll be time then to catch a bit of dinner, walk the beach, and inspect the hotel environs.  I come back Monday evening by 8pm or so and come back to the New Woodlands for one more night. Then off to the Raintree Hotel for a night. Then I leave.

First stop is Singapore for a day and a night; then on Friday off to Hong Kong and back to SFO after some hours of patience. It will be very good to get home. I will be back in the Fremont office after a weekend of jet lag on December 7th. Yay! I miss the Fremont office a lot.

I’ll be back in Chennai around March or April 2010.

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