Potential Names for Ubuntu after Karmic Koala

I’m sure that Mr. Shuttleworth reads this unworthy blog… Here is my characterization of the next names for ubuntu after our charming koala hits the press:

  1. L should be called Leaping lizard
  2. M should be called Modest Monkey
  3. N should be called Nubby Nightingale
  4. O should be called Ornery Ocelot
  5. P should be called Prickly Porcupine
  6. Q should be called Qurious Quetazalcoatlus (hmm)
  7. R should be called Rocky Raccoon (unless it infringes on another character)
  8. S should be called Slashing Squirrel
  9. T should be called Tremendous Tiger
  10. U could very well become Undulating Umbrette
  11. V could be vital velociraptor
  12. W should be called Wascally Wabbit (unless again, one of the characters says no. Come on Elmer; let us do it. Please?).
  13. X could be Xtreme Xerus (sorry…)
  14. Y could be Yammering Yaffle
  15. Z should be called Zesty Zebra

Now what you may ask prompts me to come up with the names so far ahead of time. Well, sitting in my room in Chennai, India; after a good breakfast and filtered coffee, it just felt right. Of course, Mr. Shuttleworth, you can simply ignore all these and come up with the usual wonderful names you do.

I could come up with some names for new MAC OS’es too if I felt like looking at all the possible permutations. I’d have to charge you 3k US for each one though since that’s about the ridiculous price that I see for those GOO’ey mess things. As my friend Gbro says, “forget about it”.

Editor’s note for the purist.

I slightly edited this blog post because I got energetic and found that WikiAnswers helped me quite a bit 🙂

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