Why use Android Devices over Closed Silos

Here is a great reason to move toward android devices and away from others. Its the framework idea. Basically, as Cyanogen states, “respect the framework” and build enabling tools that exemplify that framework; but respect the hard work and property rights of others in the doing. I applaud this stance since will allow modders to continue, build great new works with android but still have a path to offer the applications we need. These basic “need apps” are like Google Market, Google Mail, etc. What I see as being the path to this nirvana is to do the following steps:

  • Build new wondrous ROMs which respect the framework and philosophical ideals but also provide a mutually accepted path to get the applications which are not part of the framework by using backups or other approved methods.
  • Package the new ROMs in a way that backups of your google experience apps can happen easily and then a restore can happen just as easily.
  • Offer the new ROMs as a “shake and bake” type thing with the chefs building basic apparatus for us to use the framework, the integrating applications, and production of a clearly superior OS, framework, applications world.
  • Step back and watch how the community evolves. Its already very vibrant with lots of developers, community interaction.

This will make the entire movement stronger because no one can then give a developer a “C&D”. It will make how we do mod’s more vibrant since we will be empowered to maintain our platforms, extend them, use them.  I, for one, am looking forward to the next great ROMs that the chefs over on XDA cook for us.

I won’t even mention how the legions of iPhone users cannot even play in this space. Poor pups 🙂