The new Yahoo! Home Page

Is fricking annoying. Anytime you move a mouse anywhere near the “My Favorites” it blossoms into a page view  of the one closest. C’mon Yahoo! Go back, go back. Go back to what you was before. Or how about a “lite” page which has less of the stupid widgets on the front page? I like facebook lite since it strips out all the Mafia Wars nonsense and lets you click on the notifications if you want them.

How about a Yahoo! Lite that lets us remove the My Favorites tab, removes the video from the front page unless you want it, etc. I can completely define my igoogle home page. Too bad family unit still wants to read the news on Yahoo!

I get the feeling Yahoo! is searching desperately for “the thing”. Well, that “thing” you missed years ago with the email and calendar clients guys. Google has passed you by years ago and you missed the boat there. People want an open calendar that they can use with desktop clients on a variety of OS’es. Your email client is pathetic.

I think you all have lost a view of the needs on a home page with the new Yahoo! Too bad. At one point you were there for me and I would always setup a new firefox install with as the home page.