Next Steps

Here it is September 10th and a few people have asked me what’s next. Well, here it is. I’ll be leaving on 1 October for 2 or so months of a business trip to my second home; Chennai, India. Truth be told; I love Chennai and its people, places, food, and differences. I’ll be staying at the New Woodlands Motel in the Mylapore district and working out of the India office through the rest of this year. I have another 3 weeks with my family, friends, and work colleagues here. I enjoy my office here with its closing door. But most of all I enjoy the open nature of my work and the folks that are friends here, bosses, company executive management. They all come together to make this place the best place for me. Thanks to them all. I appreciate the support and kindness during a rather unusual time in my life. I won’t blog that because its really personal and I don’t feel like shadowing this blog with that news.

So next for me is back to India. Back to another tapestry of life I enjoy. I’ll miss Christmas with the family; but I gain this rather extended family I have in Chennai.

The time in the US this time has been rather unique. I would not call it completely enjoyable but its been something I needed to attend. When I leave this time, its with an understanding of some things which were hidden before. I now understand those things better. Its easier to leave this time with that in the open.

I love my family, my kids, my wife. Even my old Golden Retriever that stands there always looking at me with eyes that always speak of unconditional love. Dogs are there for that. People sometimes suffer through that part of things and I feel for a few comrades who are having challenges at home and work. My thoughts will be with you. I won’t name names. But you know who you are.

In another 3 weeks I’ll depart for Singapore and India. I’ll enjoy the leaving I have to say. I’m glad to have gotten things taken care of here though. Its a mental relief and a stress reliever. Leaving perhaps is just easier. I’ll be blogging here hopefully more in the next days and weeks leading up to my departure.

Thanks for the email from a few folks that for some reason peruse this severely challenged weblog 🙂