Back to Blogging

Hopefully, I am back to doing a bit of blogging here now. A few life events have transpired which have made some basic changes in my mode of existence. I just got a copy of Windows 7 RTM Enterprise so will probably VMware it since I don’t think that Windows OS’es should be installed on real hardware these days. Ubuntu treated me very well on my 2.5 months of travel to Singapore, Japan, and India. I bought a cheapo camera that worked with it perfectly. I’m not a big camera guy but this phone just worked for me and allowed me to download my photos and build out my photostream o flickr.

I’m leaving again for India in about 3.5 weeks. Will be gone at least 2 months and maybe longer. I’ll enjoy getting back to Chennai because of the life changes mentioned above. I don’t feel like blogging those because they are rather painful and personal at this point. Instead, I’ll just deal with them and then wait to depart again.

Otherwise, all is fine. I really like the Thinkpad T60 laptops with Ubuntu on them. I have a second T60 thanks to work which I put Xubuntu on. Runs like a champ. My primary work laptop is a T60 with a 500g drive and 2g of memory. Works very well with Linux. I got to see my old friend Ed last night which was quite nice. Had some interesting discussions. Its rather fun that we get to talk about almost 15 years together doing IT work and we’ve been at a number of good and bad companies together. Mostly good though. The GAP was quite good and I think Linuxcare was. Levanta was not so good.

Anyways, I’m glad that the website is back up and running and that my WordPress install is all safe. I’ve updated to the latest wordpress build and amĀ  eagerly anticipating more in the way of blogging.