Benjarong Means Good Food

Last night, Dinesh from our India office and I went out for a beer and Thai food at Benjarong. Its this quite quaint and wondrous place with beautiful decorations from Thailand. The food was simply wonderful. We had a rice dish, pad thai, and chicken panang curry. I had a Thai Iced Tea to drink. The food amounts were just right for us, tasted very authentic and the service was great. The owners I have read are a family from Thailand which came to Chennai some time ago. The restaurant has a number of beautiful art pieces from Thailand the most interesting is the vegetable and fruit carving that goes on out front. As we left, a person was sitting in front of carrots and watermelon artfully carving them into different shapes. Very interesting!

My friend and colleague Todd will be coming over in late July to spend some time here in Chennai but first I go back to Singapore for meetings and a weekend there around 30 July or so. Then in August sometime, my boss will be arriving for a staff visit here. August will be a busy month for me with folks coming from all over to visit in Chennai.

This is a weekend here in Chennai so some exploration is warranted. I will probably go to a few shopping areas today and record things with my little digital camera. One place is called Spencers Plaza which is a multi-story mall, food court, and money spending location. I am looking for some books, gifts, and other stuff to take back when I go. I also will stop at the Landmark store at the Chennai City Centre to look at books, movies, DVDs. That’s a really neat store which reminds me of Borders or something.

Since food is never really far away from my thoughts, I’ll probably do a dinner here at the hotel tonite. They have really good vegetarian fare. Tomorrow, I am going to go back to Copper Chimney for dinner. Next week it will be Sparky’s Diner which is an American owned restaurant here. I also need to get over to Amethyst sometime. Too many places!!

I don’t have a firm date when I’ll leave from here yet. Airline tickets can be changed so will just have to wait and see. As far as communication back home, best I have found if you are visiting here is Skype. Get your loved one or family a free skype account and yourself one too. It just works. And its free.