Singaprore at 8am Friday

Greetings all! Its Singapore time for me now and I am back for a day of meetings here in Singapore. I landed at 6am yesterday after an all night flight from Chennai which is rather tiring for some reason every time I do it. I could not marshal up the energy to go in to the office yesterday so just rested. Today I meet with colleagues and do some work in the Singapore office and then tomorrow, its time to fly on to the last leg of this trip. I have a few personal days in Japan. I’ll be going to the Doll district right next to Akihabara one day and then on to Shinjuku for a personal recollection the next day. Mostly its about renewing my acquaintance with a place I visited and actually lived in years ago.

I’ll be blogging from the exciting and rather expensive ANA Intercontinental Hotel next!